This Looks Like A Normal Water Tower. Wait Til You See What’s Inside. Wow.

Water tower house 1

If you were walking along the street and passed this water tower you probably wouldn’t give it a second thought. But if you knew what was inside you would be amazed. The unassuming tower was bought by businessman Patrick Mets who decided to convert it into a dream home. As well as renovating the inside, the owner renovated the exterior to restore it to its former glory and retain the original feel of the building, which was built between 1938 and 1941. The work was carried out by Belgium’s Bham Design Studio, and features a string of innovative ideas to make the most of the space inside. And although it might not look that big from the outside, the 100ft (30m) tall tower is incredibly spacious inside.

Water tower house 2

The kitchen is one of the most impressive rooms in the house, featuring several different levels. It also has plenty of practical workspace, and the huge blackboard which surrounds a stairwell is a particularly eye-catching feature.

Water tower house 3

All the old features of the water-tower were incorporated into the design, like this enormous pipe which used to transport water from the tower to the water supply below. It now sits in one of the bathrooms.

Water tower house 4

Here is another view of the kitchen. You can see a different view of the blackboard surrounding the stairwell, which leads to an upper level. There is further use of blackboards at the rear of the kitchen as well.

Water tower house 5

A living area with a spectacular view lies to one side of the kitchen area. The large white walls that make up the exterior walls can be turned into a home cinema using the projector attached to the blackboard.

Water tower house 6

The home features elegant, minimalist designs throughout.

Water tower house 7

Even the pets get special attention.

Water tower house 8

There can be few places better to relax. A bit of warm sunlight and plenty of room to stretch out.

Water tower house 9

To get to the next level you use the attractive spiral staircase.

Water tower house 10

This is one of the bedrooms, lying to one side of the house. There is an abundance of storage space in the mirrored cupboards, which also make the room feel larger than it is. A bathroom sits behind the cupboards.

Water tower house 11

Here is the main bathroom. In the center lies a shower, with a stand-alone bath to one side. From the reflections in the glass, you can get a glimpse of the stunning view outside. The perfect space in which to start the day.


His and hers sinks, which lie underneath a set of wall-mounted stairs.

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The stand-alone bath, ideal for winding away the stresses of the world.

Water tower house 14

Behind the curtains lies a large wardrobe for hanging clothes.

Water tower house 15

The shower, which sits in the center of the room, features a large shower head and high-tech design.

Water tower house 16

State-of-the art technology is used throughout the home. A domotics (home automation) system is fitted so you can control all parts of the home like lighting and heating at the touch of a button.

Water tower house 17

Water tower house 18

Water tower house 19

Water tower house 20

You’ll get no complaints from the guests. But the piece de resistance of the property lies right at the top of the house, up a string of staircases…

Water tower house 21

Water tower house 22

Water tower house 23

The 360 degree panoramic view, where you can sit outside during the summer and enjoy the surrounding countryside.

Water tower house 24

Walking past you would never know what an incredible property it is inside.

Water tower house 25

Photos by: Andreas Meichsner, Jasmine Van Hevel, Mauro Brigham and Olivier Papegnies

Visit the Bham Design Studios website to find out more and to see their latest work.