Northern Lights Pictures

Some Stunning Northern Lights Pictures The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis have inspired wonder and sometimes fear in the inhabitant of northern regions for millennia. The lights are caused when solar wind from the sun collides with charged particles in the earth’s thermosphere, the higher part of the atmosphere. The aurora mainly occur near the poles and although we usually see images of them as green there can be red and bus aurora as well. Check out some fantastic photos of the Aurora Borealis below. The video above was taken from the International Space Station over the southern Indian Ocean in 2011. The video’s 37 seconds is actually about 23 minutes in real […]

Galaxy Pictures

Startling Galaxy Pictures that Bewilder the Mind We have added some really amazing galaxy images following from our list of Incredible Space Records. These include irregular and spiral galaxies as well as supernova and gas clouds within them. There are also some spectacular pictures of galaxies colliding and huge clusters containing millions of stars. Even with some false color nobody could fail to be moved by the majesty and beauty of these vast groups of stars. Just looking at them gives us a feeling of both wonder and how incomprehensibly large the universe is and how small we are. All the galaxy pictures on this page are copyright NASA or […]