Cheetah Pictures


Some Cool Cheetah Pictures Cheetahs are found mainly in Africa but also some parts of the Middle East. These sleek animals are the fastest land mammals in the world and can hit 60 mph in about 3 seconds, though they cannot maintain this speed for long. Cheetahs prey mostly on antelopes and smaller mammals but occasionally go for something bigger. We hope you enjoy these photos and don’t forget to check out the other speedy land mammals on our list of the fastest.

Woman Steals TV in Way You Won’t Believe

Handy skill to have!

This enterprising woman was not shy or short on inventive ideas on how to get a TV out of the local store without paying for it. She walks in bold as brass and casually picks up the TV and whips it under her dress….then uses her special thigh grip powers and heads off. The incident took place in the city of Guápiles, Costa Rica, where cameras in the store captured the action…

The 10 Stupidest Slang Words And Phrases

Stupid slang words and phrases

Slang is an alternative to the use of proper language and grammar. It’s used by people for different reasons. Some use it to be different and unique. Others use it as a form of rebellion against authority or established expectations and norms. One way or the other, slang has a way of working itself into accepted mainstream language. Dictionaries add slang words as they become so commonly used that they are used in everyday conversations. But there are a few slang words that are so completely annoying that we hope they never become completely acceptable. The Top 10 Stupidest Slang Words And Sayings 10 The Cat’s Pajamas This one is […]

This Looks Like A Normal Water Tower. Wait Til You See What’s Inside. Wow.

Water tower house 1

If you were walking along the street and passed this water tower you probably wouldn’t give it a second thought. But if you knew what was inside you would be amazed. The unassuming tower was bought by businessman Patrick Mets who decided to convert it into a dream home. As well as renovating the inside, the owner renovated the exterior to restore it to its former glory and retain the original feel of the building, which was built between 1938 and 1941. The work was carried out by Belgium’s Bham Design Studio, and features a string of innovative ideas to make the most of the space inside. And although it […]

10 Bizarre Unidentified Body Cases

Unidentified bodies

Everybody is given a name at birth — yet there are thousands of people, mostly crime victims, buried in plots marked simply “Jane or John Doe” after their bodies have been found but left unidentified. Who are they? What stories do they have to tell? And most importantly, will there ever be any clues that lead to them being identified? We look at ten of the most bizarre unidentified body cases in the US. 10 Beth Doe Found in Carbon County, PA, on 12/20/1976 On a cold December day, a boy found three suitcases that appeared to have been thrown off the I-80 highway in Pennsylvania. They contained the body of […]

Ever Wondered What Would Happen If You Stepped On Lava?

Put your best foot forward!

Ever thought what would happen if you tried to walk on lava? Well, now we know — thanks to Alex Rivest, a tour guide in Hawaii, who placed his boot on some lava to show how vicious the molten rock really is. When lava exits the vents at the Kilauea volcano it comes out at an incredible 700°C to 1,200°C (1,292°F to 2,192 °F). And when you step on it, breaking the already solidifying surface, the rush of oxygen makes a momentary mini-eruption as the soaring temperatures are fed by the air. The viscous surface then slowly expands again to fill the dent. Another interesting snippet of information about lava is that falling […]

Hit Christmas Penguin Advert Gets A Horror Makeover


UK department store John Lewis is famed for its lavish Christmas adverts. Last year’s animation with singer Lilly Allen’s haunting voice was a huge hit and this year’s sees a little boy’s imaginary friend Monty The Penguin find love to a tune by John Lennon. However, talented editor Jon Harvey saw another side to it — and has recut the video with sound taken from horror movie The X with hilarious results. Don’t turn out the lights… Here is the original John Lewis Christmas advert… And here it is recut with a horror-movie soundtrack… It’s amazing what a difference some edits and a new soundtrack can make. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to […]

Think This Is Just A Normal Box? Wait Till You See What’s Inside. Whoa.

01 - 8fiEQev

This looks like any other trunk, or wooden box, lying in the yard. But inside it holds a secret — something you really won’t expect. What’s inside is both functional and beautifully designed. As soon as I saw it, I wanted one — if only just to impress my friends. Scroll down to see this chest reveal its secret. It looks just like a box lying in the yard… Some sort of finely-crafted chest. But inside it holds a secret. Once you open it up, there are lots and lots of slats, precisely arranged. Some of them come out, while some of them are attached to the box. There’s definitely more to […]

20 Baby Names Proved To Belong To The Most ‘Naughty’ Children

Cute baby

What’s in a name? Well, a lot, according to a new study which links baby names to those most likely to belong to ‘naughty’ kids. The survey was done by school rewards organisation SchoolStickers, which gives out stickers to children as prizes for behaving well in class. They tracked around 60,000 kids over the past year to find out which children were most likely to be little angels and which ones were more likely to be tearaways. Neil Hodges, School Stickers Managing Director says, “The annual ‘Santa’s Naughty and Nice list’ is just a bit of fun, and obviously there are many Ella’s and Joseph’s that are perfect little angels, just as I’m […]

This News Anchor Got Jiggy For The Cameras To Taylor Swift. His Co-host REALLY Wasn’t Impressed.

Dancing news anchor 4

News anchor Dan Thorn was obviously feeling pretty upbeat when he decided to get jiggy with it while the cameras were rolling at WVSTN-TV’s 59 News. But while he pulls out ALL the moves to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, his unimpressed co-host Sarah Pisciuneri refuses to play along — looking like she wants to Shake Him Off instead. But Dan doesn’t let her put him off and keeps the moves coming, and coming, and, er, coming… It appears Ms Pisciuneri isn’t a Taylor Swift fan. But surely she’ll be impressed by these moves? Or how about if I do this? Er, maybe not… Ms Pisciuneri doesn’t seem to be a […]

Some People Said These Ideas Were Crazy. But They’re Totally Amazing.

Genius products 1

Every now and then a product comes along that changes the way we live. Coming up with a totally new idea can be near impossible, but improving on a previous product can sometimes lead to groundbreaking innovation. These 19 improvements to normal, everyday products are pure genius. I want every single one of them. 1) This eco-friendly toilet/sink combo 2) These round electric outlets which mean you can put in your plug from any direction 3) This washable keyboard which beats any kind of spills 4) This USB flash drive which displays all the files inside it 5) Or one that you can tear and share with your friends 6) This […]

This Guy Shone A Laser At A POLICE Helicopter. It Didn’t End Well…

Police helicopter laser 1

The drink must have got too much for this guy in England, who thought it would be fun to shine a laser pen at a passing police helicopter. Shining lasers at any aircraft is illegal and extremely dangerous as it can temporarily blind the pilot and put lives at serious risk. That didn’t seem to be of any concern to the shaven-headed man and his friends as they sat around drinking outside. But little did they know that the police were immediately tracking him with super-sensitive heat-seeking cameras, and directing officers on the ground round to spoil his party. I never knew police helicopters could pick up so much detail. […]

These Awesome Volcano Pictures Will Leave You In Complete Awe Of Nature

People Standing on the Edge of an Erupting Crater

They look like something straight out of The Lord of the Rings — but these volcanos are for real. There’s nothing quite like seeing a volcano to witness the awesome power of nature’s most destructive and creative force. From the slumbering slopes of Mount Etna in Italy to the otherworldly beauty of Popocatepetl in Mexico, these images will amaze you. Scroll down to see these smoking giants showing off their wrath and beauty.

Family Feud Contestant Was Asked What Part Of Her Husband She’d Change..I Didn’t Expect Her To Say This!

Family Feud 'His Penis' Pic

I’m guessing this Family Feud contestant won’t be getting back in her husband’s good books for a long, long time. When host Steve Harvey presented her with the question: “We asked 100 married women, if you could change one part of your husband’s body, what would it be?”, contestant Joyce hit the buzzer and said: “His penis”. The cameras then immediately cut to a shot of her husband Pete looking, shall we say, decidedly sheepish. Host Steve’s pretty much hit the floor. Unsurprisingly, “his penis” didn’t appear on the list of top eight answers that other women had given to the question. My, oh, my. How I wouldn’t want to […]

This Video Will Put You Off Drinking Coke For Life

Boiling up Coke Video

This curious guy decided to boil up some everyday Coke to see what is left once you get rid of most of the water. The result…a lot of sugar and, er, horrible-looking gunk. I am not so sure I’d be so keen on knocking that back. Eurgh! Make mine a water…

This Is Exactly NOT What A Zombie Would Say


This is some hilariously modified footage from popular zombie TV show The Walking Dead Season 4. Bad Lip Reading Treatment dubbed over some clips from the gory show, with hilarious results… Check it out.

Why Not Drinking Enough Water Is Making You Sick And Fat


Did you know that not drinking enough water can make you put on weight? Seriously! Scientists believe that just by increasing your water intake by 1.5liters a day you could lose around 5lbs in the course of a year. Drinking water can also up your energy levels by boosting your metabolism. You are in fact already starting to get dehydrated when you start to feel thirsty. So in an ideal world you should never, yup, NEVER feel thirsty. You should always aim to drink enough water to keep you properly hydrated. Although obviously remember not to over do it. Not drinking enough water can also lead to a string of […]

10 Goofs And Inconsistencies In The Golden Girls

Golden Girls

We all watch TV shows and notice that there are aspects of the story that don’t quite match up to the way they were laid down in previous episodes.  For example, sometimes the ages of certain people change throughout the serie. Or people will have one sibling in one episode and a different one in another episode. Writers generally tend to expect the audience not to notice.  But mistakes can’t get past shows’ most diehard fans.  Here are 10 inconsistencies and goofs from The Golden Girls. 10 Rose doesn’t like hospitals In one episode, Rose reveals how she hates hospitals and gives Sophia a long explanation as to why: Basically […]

10 Bizarre Things People Have Flushed Down Toilets

False teeth

Ever found a blocked loo and wondered how on earth people manage to clog their pipes so easily? While a common culprit might be too much toilet paper, it turns out there are plenty of other bizarre things people flush down the John that don’t quite fit in the pipes. We caught drift of this after a conversation with Larry Michaels, 55, a plumber at an airport in Texas.  He has worked in the trade for 35 years in homes and businesses throughout the state. We asked him for ten of the most bizarre things he and his colleagues have ever found flushed down toilets in the past… 10 A Squirrel “Hands […]

3 Of The Strangest Cases Of Internet Impersonation

Internet impersonatio silhouette

In the early 1990s, The New Yorker published a famous phrase: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” As the Net has grown older and gained more users, this phrase has become increasingly relevant. Aided by the anonymity of communicating online, people have continually misrepresented themselves to others. This has ranged from lying about looks and age to even fabricating entire personalities and backgrounds. While the root reasons for these elaborate charades are sometimes unclear, one thing is certain: there are some very creative and determined liars on the Web. 1 The Ineffable Swede Veronika Larsson was intelligent and insightful. She enjoyed spending time perusing The Guardian website and […]

10 Weird Phobias

We look at some truly weird phobias We’re all scared of something or other — but while most of us are able to deal with it people with serious phobias are totally unable to get to terms with their fears. And while lots of people are scared of things like failure or spiders, some phobias are much more bizarre. Here we look at ten of the weirdest phobias of all. 10 Pogonophobia (beards) The thought of bits of leftover food nestled in a man’s whiskers is enough to make most people’s stomachs churn. However, beards are an even bigger turn off for pogonophobics, who get the terrors at the sight […]

The 10 Least Stressful Jobs

While some jobs are extremely stressful — there are many where stress relatively unheard of. So if you’re fed-up of stress in your job, or are looking for a relaxing career, check out the jobs below — the ten least-stressful jobs of all, according to research by jobs website They were rated on things including how far workers have to travel to work, what deadlines they face, how competitive their jobs are, and whether staff are in the public eye. 10 Drill-Press Operator Operating a heavy drill press in an industrial environment might sound like a dangerous job but in fact drill-press operators can work at their own pace so they almost never get […]

Which character in Supernatural are you?

The Winchester Brothers hunt demons, monsters and ghosts. They travel around the country in a vintage Impala. Oh yeah, and they started the Apocalypse. Though the brothers spend most of their time together, they don’t get in (or out of!) trouble all on their own. Which character are you?

Four Health And Fitness Products That Don’t Work

The fitness industry is prime territory for companies that want to pass off gimmicky products to customers who are searching for a quick fix to their problems. These products promise a variety of improvements to a person’s body, but most of them aren’t able to deliver on their claims. By identifying some of the common culprits, you can take steps to avoid the health and fitness products that aren’t worth your time or money. 1 Anti-Cellulite Creams We would all love a miracle cream or gel that would eliminate the fat that forms on our hips, thighs, and butt, and this quest leads hopeful consumers to spend their hard-earned cash […]

Most Stressful Jobs In The USA

Everyone gets frustrated and stressed at work from time to time, but some jobs are way more stressful than others. Below is a list of the ten most stressful jobs in the USA based on recent findings by CareerCast. 10 Taxi Driver Taxi drivers give a service to the public like no other and New York’s yellow cabs are legendary throughout the world. But anyone who drives knows how stressful it is to be stuck in heavy traffic day in, day out. Every minute you are stationery means a loss of income because you could be losing another fare. Customers also get frustrated when their cab is late and tend to […]

10 Twisted Murderers Who Were Freed…Then Killed Again

Freed Murderers Who Killed Again

Murderers who killed again after being freed Should someone guilty of murder be sentenced to death or to life in prison? Should they be released if they appear to have been reformed? Regardless of which one you believe, people with murder convictions are frequently released from prison. But while some do well, there are plenty that do not. And while many are arrested again on lesser charges, some chillingly revert back to their old behavior. Here we look at 10 murderers who were released from prison then murdered again. 10 John Miller In 1957, at the age of 15, McRae left a family dinner, broke into a nearby home, and beat a 22-month-old […]

10 of the Weirdest Reasons for Airplane Emergency Landings

A plane was forced to carry out an emergency landing last week after a dog did its business in the middle of the aisle — twice. Apparently the dog’s owner neglected to walk it prior to boarding, or maybe the unidentified pooch ate too much of its in-flight meal. But when flight attendants ran out of toilet paper to clear up the mess, passengers began wretching at the smell and the pilot had to land in Missouri so cleaning crews could tackle the problem. Here we look at ten of the other weirdest reasons for emergency landings. 10. Aisle drink to that In March this year, 23-year-old Orion Koshinsky forced […]

10 Bizarre Cases Of Abandoned Ships

When a ship and its crew set sail, it’s expected that they’ll all return to land together. Yet there have been a string of bizarre cases where vessels were found drifting at sea without any sign of human life on board. In many instances, everything on the ship appears to be in order. The only thing amiss is the fact that the crew has vanished. What happened? Where did everyone go? Was there an emergency causing the passengers to evacuate? If that were the case, wouldn’t the ship have sunk? Let’s look at 10 of the most mysterious instances of abandoned vessels being found at sea. 10 Carroll A. Deering […]

Robert Pattinson Pictures

We have added some great pictures of English actor Robert Pattinson. Pattison, who was born in 1986, is often cited as one of sexiest men in the world and made it to our list of the hottest men in the world. He is most famous for playing the role of Edward Cullen in the movie adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight vampire series. Check out the photos below. All the Robert Pattinson pictures above are copyright as per the captions and licensed for use via What do you think? Is Robert Pattinson one of the hottest men alive?