Ten Wild And Wacky Celebrity Family Feuds

The family feud that erupted in 2014 between legendary radio DJ Casey Kasem’s kids and their stepmom as his health deteriorated is one of the most bizarre in history. But it’s certainly not the first high-profile family drama to be played out on the world’s stage. Here we look at ten other wild and wacky feuds involving well-known celebrities.

1 Anna-Nicole Smith

Anna-Nicole Smith married 89-year-old J Howard Marshall II when she was only 26. The marriage lasted a scant 14 months but although the two were rarely seen together, they were still legally wed upon the billionaire’s death in 1995.

E. Pierce Marshall, a son and heir of J Howard, pulled out all of the stops to try and stop Anna-Nicole’s claim to a hefty share of the tycoon’s estate. Litigation was still ongoing even after E. Pierce Marshall and Anna-Nicole had both died.

The latest court ruling agreed that the former stripper was indeed entitled to those many millions of dollars, and the money is going to be awarded to her estate. But the lesson learned is that no one gets to take anything with them once the final curtain goes down.

2 The Jacksons

The Jackson family has long been embroiled in a variety of feuds, arguments and disagreements. These situations have (at various times) involved the immediate family members, the extended family, individuals who claimed to be related, insurance companies, show business agents and the police.

One of the most recent involved the disappearance of the Jackson matriarch Katherine, late pop king Michael Jackson’s mum.

His three kids, who Katherine was meant to be caring for, had no idea where she was or how to contact her. Later it emerged that the family had split into two different camps and she had been taken out of state for some “quiet time”.

3 Jay Z and Solange

Who would have imagined an elevator “beat-down” could get so much publicity? Solange Knowles showed her claws after the 2014 Met Gala after her sister Beyonce and brother-in law Jay Z were inside the confined space of an elevator. Solange let loose with hands fingernails and crotch-kicks captured on surveillance video released by TMZ.com.

Thanks to the timely intervention of the family’s bodyguards there were no physical injuries, but Jay Z’s pride may have been a little bruised and battered. The real reason for the downtown showdown has never been stated, although many have linked fashion designer Rachel Roy to Solange’s meltdown, over claims she was getting “too close” to Jay Z.

4 Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison

This pair grabbed headlines when 51-year-old actor Hutchison married his blushing bride Stodden — when she was just 16. Between provacative photos and barely-there attire Stodden’s name was continuously in the public arena throughout their two-year marital relationship.

The marriage caused Doug’s family to turn their backs on the newlywed couple and his mother declared that she did not care to even meet Courtney. It remains to be seen if the Hutchison clan will mend those fences now that 19-year-old Courtney is off on her own. More family drama is certain to ensue in the months ahead because Doug apparently has no prenup to save his dollars from being drained out of his bank account.

5 Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight

A video of Angelina and her dad before they became estranged

Angelina and her dad had a 10-year feud where they became publicly estranged. It has been claimed she was angry over her father’s infidelity and other “bad boy” behaviors.

The two are said to have made amends and reconciled, but there have been recent reports that Angelina still does not confide in Voight, with him learning what is going on in her life the way everyone else does — by reading the tabloids. His contact with Jolie’s children is also said to remain very limited.

6 Tori and Candy Spelling

The daughter and socialite wife of the late producer Aaron Spelling just do not see eye to eye. Their arguments were already becoming the stuff of legends while Tori was a teenager. Candy’s spending habits alone were enough to transform Tori into battle mode. A meager inheritance from her dad’s estate has created an acrimonious split between these two women that may never be repaired.

7 Eminem

Rapper Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, has in the past dragged out the dirtiest items he could find among the family laundry in a number of his songs. Accusations against his mom, and a seemingly unquenchable hatred towards his ex, garnered headlines around the world in the world.

However, he surprisingly came out with a song for Mother’s Day 2014, called Headlights, above, offering sincere apologies to his mother. Fans have been left to wonder if their hero has simply been talking out both sides of his mouth.

8 Julia and Eric Roberts

This brother and sister Hollywood pair have had more than their share of petty arguments over the years. It has been claimed in the past that Eric was angry and self-conscious over his Pretty Woman star sister getting the “big parts” while he was relegated to a “second banana” status, but there’s no suggestion that is the actual reason why.

The estrangement is also reported to be down to his use of drugs in the past. Things have improved a lot recently, with the pair said to be reconciled.

9 Joan and Christina Crawford

In 1978, Joan Crawford’s adopted daughter Christina wrote a harrowing book titled Mommie Dearest. In those pages Christina accused her mom of being one step removed from Attila the Hun. The book was published the year after Joan died, but it’s believed she may have known of the claims inside it, and they were partly behind why she wrote Christina out of her will.

However, if Christina’s stories were true then she probably would not have wanted any part of Joan’s estate anyway.

10 Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe

This story will always be considered “an oldie but a goodie”. According to sources the composed, elegant Jackie was bitterly jealous of Marilyn. She either knew, or seriously suspected, that there was some “hanky-panky” going on between her new husband, JFK, and Hollywood’s blonde sex goddess.

That slinky gown Marilyn wore on stage as she seductively crooned “Happy Birthday” to the President of the United States must have been the “last straw” for the perfectly coiffed and demurely dressed Jackie.

This post was updated on January 16, 2015