Top 10 Ways To Kill A Zombie

Top 10 Ways To Kill A Zombie

Warning: The world is on the doorstep of a zombie apocalypse. All it’s going to take is one unknown, scary virus to make its way on to American soil and…whooooa, too close to recent events! Zombies were brought into US culture after Americans started to learn more about the voodoo religion. Today in popular media the ‘undead’ roam the streets in a catatonic state looking for live human brains to feed on after being infected. The only way to kill a zombie is to destroy the zombie’s brains. But what’s the best way to do it??? 10 Firearms Guns are effective, but boring. If you are faced with something as awesome as a […]

Earn to Die 2012 Part 2


Earn to Die 2012 Part 2 continues the zombie apocalypse saga as you try to get across the country. To do this you need a vehicle and that vehicle is going to need a few anti-zombie modifications or you will be dying rather than earning. The game starts with an animated intro giving you the background story. It all starts on Day 1 at Forgotten Hills. Your first task to head to the garage and check out your vehicle. In Earn to Die 2012 you start with a large fire truck. However, you won’t have cash to buy any of the many upgrades just yet so time to hit the […]

This Is Exactly NOT What A Zombie Would Say


This is some hilariously modified footage from popular zombie TV show The Walking Dead Season 4. Bad Lip Reading Treatment dubbed over some clips from the gory show, with hilarious results… Check it out.