This Postman Films Every Dog On His Round. The Result Is Adorably Hilarious

Postman films dogs on his round

A postman in Australia has posted a video of all the dogs he meets on his round — some good, and some a little bit more naughty. The postie, who rides a scooter to deliver his letters door to door, knows all the mutts by name — and exactly who’s friendly and who’s not. He filmed the footage using a camera attached to his helmet. It shows how he deals with the various dogs. He even has a stash of doggie treats to hand out to keep the angry ones calm and to make the good ones love him even more. The footage shows him driving on the grass outside […]

This Dog Loves His Toy. What He Does When It Squeaks Is Hilarious.

Dog blue squeaky ball

Walter the dog loves his squeaky toy…but he just can’t figure out where the sound comes from — and what he does when he hears it is the most adorable thing ever. The golden retriever loves running around with the blue ball. But every time he hears it squeak it stops him in his tracks. He then looks around as if to say, ‘Who’s playing a trick on me!’. It keeps happening and he just can’t seem to figure it out, much to the amusement of his owner. You won’t be able to watch this without a smile on your face. Via Walter Santi.

This Guy Started The Most Epic Subway Singalong Ever

Singing on subway picture

In a big city like London the daily commute or late-night trip home on the subway can be a chore at best and a struggle at worst. A singer called Neil Francis decided to treat his fellow travellers to a rousing version of Erasure’s tune A Little Respect — most of them having just come from a concert by the 80s duo. But what he wasn’t expecting was for the ENTIRE platform to join in. Wow, the acoustics in the tunnels are awesome. Someone should suggest they hold concerts down there.  Just make sure the trains aren’t running. Filmed by Jon Trapnell via DayVideoEdits.

Remember Laser Guns From Sci-Fi Films? They’re A Real Thing Now


A new video released by the Office of Naval Research shows their latest Laser Weapon System (LaWS) being tested aboard the USS Ponse while the ship was in the Persian Gulf. The laser allows for incredibly precise targeting, and in the example include a drone and two tiny points on board smaller vessels. It’s amazing to think that there is no actual bullet being fired, but that the target is still completely destroyed. Naval officers prepare to target a small boat from inside the USS Ponse. They are able to fix the laser gun on the tiniest targets. Here they are aiming at the tiny white dot. And when the moment is right, the laser […]

Ever Wondered What Would Happen If You Stepped On Lava?

Put your best foot forward!

Ever thought what would happen if you tried to walk on lava? Well, now we know — thanks to Alex Rivest, a tour guide in Hawaii, who placed his boot on some lava to show how vicious the molten rock really is. When lava exits the vents at the Kilauea volcano it comes out at an incredible 700°C to 1,200°C (1,292°F to 2,192 °F). And when you step on it, breaking the already solidifying surface, the rush of oxygen makes a momentary mini-eruption as the soaring temperatures are fed by the air. The viscous surface then slowly expands again to fill the dent. Another interesting snippet of information about lava is that falling […]

The 10 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

The Grinch

Before cable television, the internet, and smart phones, kids eagerly awaited the Christmas movies that came on TV once a year. With the TV Guide in hand, all children would know which channel and what day and time their favourite movies would come on. No one wanted to be grounded on those nights, as missing the magical holiday hits was a crushing blow to any child’s holiday. But, what makes one Christmas movie better than the rest? Is it the music? The characters? Well, in the words from the Grinch, ”What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more?” Maybe the best Christmas movies mean a little bit more too. The ten best […]

They Gave This Homeless Man Some Pizza. What He Did With It Brought Me To Tears.

Homeless man given pizza

If someone came up to you in the street and asked you for your last slice of pizza because they were hungry, what would you do? Would you turn away and tell them to leave you alone, or would you take them at their word and give it to them because they need it more than you? The following video was done as a social experiment to see what reaction two men would get if they went up to strangers and asked them for a slice of pizza. Later in the video they give some spare pizza to a barefooted homeless man on the side of the street. They then have […]

Hit Christmas Penguin Advert Gets A Horror Makeover


UK department store John Lewis is famed for its lavish Christmas adverts. Last year’s animation with singer Lilly Allen’s haunting voice was a huge hit and this year’s sees a little boy’s imaginary friend Monty The Penguin find love to a tune by John Lennon. However, talented editor Jon Harvey saw another side to it — and has recut the video with sound taken from horror movie The X with hilarious results. Don’t turn out the lights… Here is the original John Lewis Christmas advert… And here it is recut with a horror-movie soundtrack… It’s amazing what a difference some edits and a new soundtrack can make. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to […]

Why You Should Never Overtake In The Fog

Truck overtakes in fog

Everyone knows that on a foggy night you have to be careful driving. Keep a safe distance and switch your fog lamps on if you have them. This driver had an extremely lucky escape and is probably only alive because of his super-fast reactions — and the fact there was somewhere to pull over — after a truck driver pulled a very ill-considered overtake. If the truck had been coming moments earlier there would have been nowhere for the driver to leave the road and he would have no doubt have been crushed to death. Source: Liveleaks

This Tiny Chihuahua Had No Front Legs. So His Owner Fitted Him With Wheels.

Two-Legged Chihuahua Loves Its New Wheels

This tiny chihuahua was born with his two front legs missing. But after being adopted, his new owner used parts from a toy airplane to create a tiny device with wheels so the little dog could get about. Not long afterwards, a professional designer offered to help with a more sophisticated setup using wheels from a pair of roller-blades. Now the dog — named Turbo-Roo in honour of his new front wheels — can move completely independently. As you can see from the video, he is the happiest dog around. Is that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Turbo-Roo is now enjoying life to the full with his new-found independence. His owner should […]

This Is What Happens When You Try To Push Satan Around

Satan t-shirt water

This young guy thinks it will be hilarious to push a well-build girl into the water. After all, everyone likes a bit of slap stick and he’s clearly a tough guy. However, he has failed to take into account physics and indeed the well-known rule that if someone is wearing a Satan t-shirt you’re best not to mess with them. He’ll think twice before doing that again. Source: Liveleaks

I Thought This Was A Scene From A Horror Movie. Then I Realised It Was Real.

Millions of red crabs head for the sea.

This is the stuff of nightmares for some people, but is an amazingly beautiful natural phenomenon for others. Every year on Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean, 40 million red crabs leave the forests at exactly the same time, heading for the ocean for spawn. The migration is so huge that it literally stops traffic on the tiny 52 square mile island, as the crabs flood across roads trying to get to the sea. In the past many were crushed by vehicles and accidents were common as the crabs’ exoskeletons burst tyres. Today special fences funnel the crabs into tunnels so they can cross the roads safely. A short while after […]

This Paragliding Pug Boldly Goes Where No Pug Has Gone Before

Paragliding pug

When you are born a pug there are some things that, under normal circumstances, you can expect never to do. Climb a mountain, say, or run a long distance race. Or play the lead role in the Bolshoi ballet. Then there is paragliding. Definitely not your ordinary pug activity. But Nano the pug is no ordinary pug. He likes to live life on the edge. He’s not happy with just doing normal pug things — being cuddled, and snuffling loudly through his nose. So when his owners Cristina Armestar and Michael Fernandez decided they’d like to take him paragliding in Lima, Peru, he didn’t put up too much of a fuss. In […]

I Thought This Guy Looked Old And Frail. Then He Did This. Wow.

Old man climbs tree

Most older people in the western world are quite content to potter about drinking tea and pulling a few weeds out the garden. Not this guy. He has a very different idea on how to get his kicks. Amazing footage sees him scale an enormous palm tree in the Brazilian rainforest with incredible skill. Using just some intertwined leaves tied round his ankles, not only does he manage to do it just as effectively as a monkey could but he just seems to keep on going. Problem is, once he’s up there how does he get down? Let’s just say, rather him than me… Wow. He must have really big cojones! Source: […]

This Plane Wouldn’t Take Off. So The Passengers Got Out And Pushed.

Put your back into it!

These passengers on a plane in Russia had to do more than just check-in and have a few in-flight drinks. After the plane’s landing gear got stuck in the park position due to the sub-zero temperatures the passengers decided to get out and give the plane a push. Normally temperatures only hit about -30C in the area of Siberia but on this day they plummeted to -52C and the airport tractor was unable to budge the plane. Later reports say that the passengers did this on their own accord, breaking safety rules, and that they would not have contributed to actually moving it that much as it was being towed by the […]

Three Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time. And, Yup, It’s Hilarious

Grandmas smoke marijuana for fast time

You’ve probably always wanted to know what would happen if you gave marijuana to your grandma. Well, you’re about to find out. The Cut Video YouTube channel decided to do just that. They found three grandmas who had never smoked pot before, and had them try it — first through a bong, and then through a vaporiser. They then provided them with snacks to munch on and cards to play, and filmed the results. They are, as you can imagine, extremely entertaining. The film was shot in Washington state, which has recently legalised the recreational use of marijuana. Anyone else think the grandma in the middle was the cutest thing […]

Just One Second Earlier & This Woman Would Have Been Killed

Car crash lamppost 3

It looked like this woman and two children were almost certainly going to be killed when this out-of-control car hurtled around the corner behind them at high speed. But fortune was on their side that day when the vehicle slammed into a lamp post, stopping the car from hitting the children, and deflecting it so it missed the woman by the narrowest of margins. However, had it come around the corner just a second or two earlier there could have been a very different ending… The woman has no idea that the car is approaching at high speed behind her, going so fast it’s on completely the wrong side of the road. As the driver tries to steer back […]

These Men Were Quietly Fishing. They Weren’t Expecting THIS.


These men were quietly fishing on a fjord at dusk in Troms, Norway, when three humpback whales appeared in the distance. The beautiful animals were swimming just under the surface, spraying water into the air. The fishermen, who seemed to be at a safe distance, began filming them on a camera phone.  But then the whales suddenly and majestically disappeared beneath the surface. What happened when they reappeared will blow you away. Wow. The men are lucky the whales didn’t decide to come up underneath their tiny boat. Via Brukernavn

The World’s Tallest And Shortest Man Met. What Happened Is So Beautiful.

The shortest man in the world meets the tallest.

What happens when the tallest man in the world meets the shortest man in the world? Luckily, we got to find out as that’s what happened in London this week to mark 60 years of Guinness World records. Chandra Bahadur Dangi is from Nepal and is only 54.6cm (21.5in) tall. Meanwhile, Sultan Kösen, 31, is from Turkey. He measures a meagre 2m 51cm (8ft 3in). Yes, that’s MORE THAN EIGHT FEET TALL! However, the surprising thing was not their differences but what they shared. Speaking about the meeting Kösen said: “To be able to finally meet Chandra after all this time is amazing. “Even though he is short and I am […]

Would You Act To Stop Domestic Abuse in Public?


Would you step in to stop domestic abuse if you witnessed in public? This social experiment by Swedish group STHLM Panda aimed to find out how people would react. It is a tricky one. I remember years ago when a friend and I grabbed a guy who was pulling his girlfriend’s hair and screaming at her. When we pulled him off…she attacked us! What would you do? You can switch the subtitles on in the menu at the bottom. Warning: video contains some extreme language. Source: STHLM Panda

The Most Stunning Footage of London’s Mind-blowing 800,000 Poppies. Wow.


A breathtaking tribute to those who lost their lives in WWI has captured the public’s hearts at The Tower of London in England. The installation, called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, saw 888,246 ceramic poppies created and planted around the famous tower as part of the events marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Each poppy marks one of the British fatalities during the war. Millions of people in the UK and from overseas have visited the poppies and there have been calls to keep the installation in place for longer. It is a truly moving sight and a fitting tribute the millions who have died […]

This Sea Lion Fancied A Fishy Snack. How He Got It Is Hilarious.

Seal jumps on fishing boat

This sea lion was hungry, but instead of swimming around chasing fish he decided to chase a fishing boat instead. Somehow the sea lion manages to keep up with the boat as it goes at high speed, much to the surprise of the fishermen on boat. And when one of the crew members opens up the back gate, he just jumps right on board! As a reward he gets a big juicy fish and seems very pleased with his work. The fishermen off the coast of Mexico at Cabo San Lucas are just lucky he didn’t spot the huge marlin lying next to him on the deck. This really is the case of […]

The Best Movie Quotes Of All Time

Best movie quotes

There are millions and millions of quotes from movies. Some good, some bad, most somewhere down the middle. But every now and again one comes along that just blows everyone away and forever lives on in annals of movie legend. While some are comical and witty, others are so powerful nobody can fail to be moved by them. Usually the best movie quotes are simple, but they become iconic through their context and they way they are delivered. So, scroll down and enjoy this list of the best movie quotes. It’s an offer you can’t refuse… “I’m gonna to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Vito Corleone played by Marlon […]

Monster Energy Drinks Are The Work Of SATAN!!

Monster energy drinks are work of Satan

This woman believes that Monster Energy Drinks are the work of Satan. She claims the logo is made up of the Hebrew numeral Vav, or 6, written three times — making 666. What’s more, she says the symbol that makes up the letter ‘o’ in the Monster Energy name is a cross, and that when you drink out of the can it turns it upside down creating an anti-Christian symbol. Listen to her put forward her case… The devil works in mysterious ways… Via Five7weezy

Dog Teaches Baby To Jump. You Won’t Believe How Cute This Is.

Dog teaches baby to jump

This baby was having trouble learning to jump in her jolly jumper. But someone else in the household, a certain fuzzy friend, luckily knows how to do it. And if you’re a baby and you see something cool, you’ve obviously just got to copy it and do it yourself. Awwww, I think that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Via Sabrina Sauve

This News Anchor Got Jiggy For The Cameras To Taylor Swift. His Co-host REALLY Wasn’t Impressed.

Dancing news anchor 4

News anchor Dan Thorn was obviously feeling pretty upbeat when he decided to get jiggy with it while the cameras were rolling at WVSTN-TV’s 59 News. But while he pulls out ALL the moves to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, his unimpressed co-host Sarah Pisciuneri refuses to play along — looking like she wants to Shake Him Off instead. But Dan doesn’t let her put him off and keeps the moves coming, and coming, and, er, coming… It appears Ms Pisciuneri isn’t a Taylor Swift fan. But surely she’ll be impressed by these moves? Or how about if I do this? Er, maybe not… Ms Pisciuneri doesn’t seem to be a […]

Elephants ALWAYS Have Right of Way. These Guys Found Out The Hard Way.

Running away form elephant

These two guys make a remarkably quick exit when this elephant stakes out a bit of road and refuses let them past. The elephant may as well have been wearing a highwayman mask, but thanks to its size it didn’t need to. The two men approach on their motorbike thinking they’ll just be able to get past. But the elephant has other ideas and they quickly have to ditch the bike and make a retreat as quick as their legs will carry them. It’s good to see them having a little nervous chuckle at the end. They’ll no doubt keep their distance a bit next time…

There’s A Dead Whale, Surrounded by Sharks. So This Guy Did What? D’oh!

guy jumps on whale

This Australian guy thought it would be a good idea to jump on to a dead whale for a ride. However, it was also attracting the attention of some very hungry sharks. Luckily someone picked him up before he ended up as dessert. Afterwards he says: “Mum thinks I’m an idiot, dad’s not too proud either”. I think he might be playing down his parents reaction… Sharks aren’t the only danger with dead whales as this pretty gross, but fascinating, footage of an exploding whale shows. The motto of the story? Stay away from dead whales. Though you probably didn’t need me to tell you that…