The 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World

Picture of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

No one would say that the life of an actor is an easy one. Long hours, memorizing lines, and paparazzi following your every move must make everyday living tough. However, some actors are paid well for their work…very well! Here we reveal the ten highest paid actors in the world — and some may surprise you. As even if you don’t have as much acting talent as others in your field, as long as you can rake in millions at the box office you’re on to a winner. 10 Mark Wahlberg ($32million in past year) At 43, Wahlberg is a Hollywood moneymaker. From his super-stardom as a teen music idol with Marky […]

Richest Athletes


Being a sporting star can make you millions — as this list of the world’s richest athletes shows. Not only can you earn a huge salary, but you can also make a fortune on the side through sponsorship and endorsement deals. And whether it’s soccer, golf, or basketball…it doesn’t matter what sport you play — if you become one of the top athletes in your game then the doors are open for you to make a huge pile of cash. Here is a list of the ten richest athletes in the world today, ranked by their total earnings over the past 12 months. 10. Lionel Messi, Soccer Player Total earnings $41.3 […]