16 Pictures That Will Make You Seriously Question The Laws Of Physics

How did it happen

Sometimes things happen that are just so crazy that you can’t explain them. The world has various laws which just shouldn’t be able to be broken. But there are always moments so bizarre that no matter how much you think about them you just end up scratching your head. Here are 16 photos that when you see them will make you just go, ‘huh!?’. 16This man stuck in a play park 15This car smashed into a roof about 100 miles up 14This truck which defied the laws of gravity 13This car which is just…HOW? 12This one, which obviously has the same powers 11This guy who will make you take a […]

The 20 Best Beaches In The World

Best beaches in the world

There is nothing nicer than a long sandy beach by a turquoise blue ocean, but where do you find them? The good news is that wherever you are on the planet there is likely to be one near you — even if it is just a short flight or boat trip away. But which one to choose? Here is a list of the 20 best beaches in the world, based on actual reviews on TripAdviser. Sorry for the quality of some of the videos, but we thought it better to have videos as they give you a better feel for each place than photos. The Beach-lovers’ Guide To The World’s […]

The Highest Paid Athletes In The World 2015

Highest Paid Athletes

Most young athletes dream of going professional one day, making multi-million dollar salaries, and landing lucrative endorsement contracts with sports drink companies and athletic-wear manufacturers. However, for most young people, no matter how much practising they do, those are just dreams as, sadly, most of them never achieve that degree of athletic success. Only the supremely gifted, most dedicated, and luckiest athletes ever reach that goal. Here are ten who, through hard work and smart business decisions, have made it into the top-ten list of the highest paid athletes from around the globe. 10 Highest Paid Athletes: Matt Ryan Pro football salaries are often criticized as being too high. However, […]

30 Naughty Dogs Who Got In BIG Trouble At Christmas

Christmas dog shaming featured image

Everybody knows that you have to be a good boy or girl if you want to get presents from Santa. But these dogs had more important things to take into consideration than being good, like what does a Christmas tree decoration taste like? Or where can you sneak to do a poop while all your human friends are celebrating New Year? Dogs have a knack of doing naughty things in the most endearing ways, and even when they’re bad we still love them just as much. Why? Because they’re dogs, and dogs are great. 1. www.dogshaming.com 2. www.dogshaming.com 3. www.dogshaming.com 4. www.dogshaming.com 5. www.dogshaming.com 6. www.dogshaming.com 7. www.dogshaming.com 8. www.dogshaming.com 9. www.dogshaming.com 10. www.dogshaming.com 11. www.dogshaming.com […]

I Knew Drones Could Take Cool Photos. But Not This Cool. Wow.

Leaning tower of Pisa in Italy by Kolibik-foto

The drone really arrived on the scene during 2014 — with the aerobotic gadgets selling in droves across the world. But one of the most awesome uses for them has been as cameras — opening up a whole new world of photography to amateurs and professionals alike. The website Dronestagram has made it its mission to keep track of the best of what this new medium, launching a competition to find the best drone photographs of 2014. Founder Eric Dupin told the BBC: “It depicts a new vision of the world, so different from images taken by satellite or plane or helicopter, or, on the other end, street view images. It is a […]

Beard Baubles: The Perfect Gift For The Bearded Man In Your Life

Beard Baubles featured

Every year when Christmas comes around the pressure mounts to find the perfect presents for the men in your life — sons, dads, brothers, friends and lovers. This year that problem has been solved as long, that is, as said man has a beard. In beard baubles, top UK advertising agency Grey London has invented the most hipstertasic present in the history of man. The baubles are just like the ones you’d put in your tree, but are instead specially designed to hang in a man’s facial fur. The agency dreamt up the idea when trying to think of an item to distribute with their annual Christmas card. They have since been swamped with orders from around the […]

These Are The Planet’s Oldest Living Things. And One Was Killed To Make Way For A Road.


Contemporary artist Rachel Sussman has spent the past ten years travelling around the world taking pictures of the planet’s oldest living things. Ranging from plants nearly 10,000 years old, to clones of trees around 700,000 years old, to think what planetary changes these organisms have lived through is awe-inspiring.  All are more than 2,000 years old, yet that didn’t stop one of them being killed off to make way for a new road. And as natural habitats change under human pressures, more could well be at risk in the future. These powerful photographs capture their legacy. Palmer’s Oak, Riverside, California, the world’s oldest living plant at 3,000 years old. Yup, that’s it — the grey bushy […]

Think This Is Just A Normal Box? Wait Till You See What’s Inside. Whoa.

01 - 8fiEQev

This looks like any other trunk, or wooden box, lying in the yard. But inside it holds a secret — something you really won’t expect. What’s inside is both functional and beautifully designed. As soon as I saw it, I wanted one — if only just to impress my friends. Scroll down to see this chest reveal its secret. It looks just like a box lying in the yard… Some sort of finely-crafted chest. But inside it holds a secret. Once you open it up, there are lots and lots of slats, precisely arranged. Some of them come out, while some of them are attached to the box. There’s definitely more to […]

30 Breathtakingly Beautiful Pictures Of The World As Birds See It

Marina Bay Dubai

Ever wondered what it would be like looking at the world if you were a bird? Well, the answer is…breathtakingly beautiful. From skyscrapers that look like they’re models to rice fields and waterfalls, this is the world like you’ve never seen it before. So let us take you on a jaw-dropping journey around the planet as seen by our feathered friends. At the end I can promise you’ll be thinking one thing. If only we had wings… Marina Bay, Dubai Amsterdam Athens, Greece Bac Son Valley, Vietnam Barcelona Bern, Switzerland Capetown, South Africa Central Park, NYC Chicago skyline Dubai islands Dubrovnik, Croatia Giza Pyramids Lake in Pomerania, Poland Male, Maldives […]

This Artist Spent 10yrs Carving A Giant Cave Alone With His Dog

Artist carves cave alone with dog 1

What could you do in 10 years? Change careers? Start a family? Move home a few times? Or how about carve a giant cave out of rock? Alone. With just your dog for company. That’s what American artist Ra Paulette has been doing the desert of New Mexico for the past decade. The network of underground sandstone caverns each features a different them with a huge array of patterns across the walls. He did it to build a place that will inspire “spiritual and personal wellbeing”— an incredible place of wonder and imagination. From the outside you’d never know. Via cavediggerdocumentary H/T: reddit

This Tiny House Is The Cosiest, Most Awesome Home Ever

Tiny house The Ufogel Alps

Only hobbits live in small houses, right? Wrong! This amazing home in the Austrian Alps, called The Ufogel, is probably one of the smallest properties you’ve ever seen. But step inside and you’re greeted by an amazing world of spaciousness, comfort and cosiness as you’ve never seen before. The home is made entirely of larch wood, and a gentle wooden aroma flows through the house. Despite looking so small from the outside, it can actually comfortably sleep up to 5 people. The front of the property features an enormous panoramic window with stunning views over the mountains on the other side of the valley in East Tyrol. You feel like you’re outside […]

This Stray Dog Joined An Adventure Racing Team. What Happened Will Warm Your Heart.

Dog Arthur joins adventure race 2

Adventure racing is one of the hardest sports in the world — and the races don’t come any harder than the world championships. But this year’s event in Ecuador wasn’t going to be any normal event for the Swedish Peak Performance-sponsored team. It all started when the captain, Mikael Lindnord, decided to share a meatball with a stray dog who was hanging around their camp before a super-tough 40km trek through the jungle in the latter stages of the six-day race. After setting off with the other groups everything at first seemed normal, but when the groups spread out the team realised they now had a fifth member of their team. The brave […]

What This Woman Caught On Camera Is Shocking. But We All Do It.

Hayley Morris Cafiero Wait Watchers

Photographer Hayley Morris-Cafiero has suffered a lot of cruelty and taunts because of her weight. And after being inspired by a photo she took in New York she has begun taking photos of herself that capture people’s reactions to her size. In her photos she doesn’t do anything strange or eye-catching, but just goes about her business as everyone should be allowed to. She then checks the photos to see how people react to her as they pass her in the street. Her project, Wait Watchers, started after she looked at the photo she took in New York and noticed a man standing behind her, who appeared to be smirking at her. […]

When You Go To China, You REALLY Don’t Know What You’re Eating

Funny chinese food names

The Chinese are notorious for having some bizarre ingredients in their food — but this restaurant in the country has taken things to another level. The owners did their best to translate the menu for hungry English-speaking tourists. But despite their efforts, they haven’t made things much clearer. Some things have definitely been lost in translation — and when they really don’t know what something is, it seems they just call it ‘sweet and sour pork ribs’. Hey, who can blame them — everybody likes sweet and sour pork ribs, right? The question is, if you sat down at this restaurant and were presented with its lip-smacking menu, which one would […]

This Guy’s Coworker Asked Him To Watch Her Plant For 4 Days. You Won’t Believe What He Did.

Man watches coworker plant for four days 1

This guy was asked by his coworker to look after her plant for four days while she was away from work. So he decided to take her literally — and kept the plant by his side the entire time. Not only that, he took the plant on the adventure of its life — and he and the philodendron quickly became best buddies.  Not only did they go on numerous walks and get in trouble at work, he also taught the little plant to drive. A real gentleman. Coffee time! Getting to know each other… You know what happens when you have coffee… Time for a trip outside And a bit of […]

You Won’t Believe These 5 People Existed. But They Did, And Their Stories Are Incredible.

Historic abnormalities 2

These five people suffered from some of the most remarkable medical abnormalities ever recorded. Alive during the late 1800s and 1900s, they were all medical mysteries of their time. But inside they were just normal people wanting normal lives and to be given the chance to work and earn a living. 1. Ella Harper had a rare condition that meant her knees bent backwards. She was nicknamed the ‘Camel Girl’ because she preferred to walk around on all fours.   Ella, who was born in 1870, spent her early years as a circus performer, earning $200 a week, which was a lot of money at the time and would have opened […]

This Town’s Walmart Was Left Abandoned. What They Did To It Is Just Amazing

WalMart library

Walmart is everywhere — small towns, cities, and suburbs. And because of the firm’s very nature they require massive buildings to house their goods. But sometimes a Walmart has to close. What do you do then? Rather than let the enormous building fall into disrepair and become a white elephant in the town, officials in McAllen, Texas, did something awesome. They totally transformed the dilapidated old building into a library — the largest single-floor public library in America. The Walmart closed down and was left abandoned. It could have ended up as a pile of rubble. But instead officials turned it into an enormous public library to help the community. […]

Some People Said These Ideas Were Crazy. But They’re Totally Amazing.

Genius products 1

Every now and then a product comes along that changes the way we live. Coming up with a totally new idea can be near impossible, but improving on a previous product can sometimes lead to groundbreaking innovation. These 19 improvements to normal, everyday products are pure genius. I want every single one of them. 1) This eco-friendly toilet/sink combo 2) These round electric outlets which mean you can put in your plug from any direction 3) This washable keyboard which beats any kind of spills 4) This USB flash drive which displays all the files inside it 5) Or one that you can tear and share with your friends 6) This […]

A Pet Owner Noticed His Cat Disappear Every Morning. Wait Till You See What He Was Up To.

deer and cat friends 3

A cat owner in Pennsylvania noticed that his cat would go missing every morning, but had no idea what he was up to. One day he decided to follow him, and he was amazed at what he saw. The cat had made the best of friends with a little deer, and they were meeting up for a cuddle every day. The deer would come and visit his house cat friend every day. And they became BFFs pretty quick. The two would cuddle up and play like it was a perfectly normal thing to do. And there’s always time for a bit of joking around. Awwww. They are the best, and cutest, […]

He Looked Like A Real Lego Man. But Wait, What’s That Inside…Whoa!

Lego fancy dress costume

This has to be one of the most impressive and awesome homemade fancy dress costumes ever made. Until he took the head off there was no way I was believing that wasn’t a real Lego man. It was made by a man for his son after he couldn’t find a good Lego fancy dress costume anywhwere. According to the dad’s cousin, the can’t bend his knees too well so he hobbles along, just like the character in the Lego movie. Yup, that is definitely a normal Lego man. It’s got to just be a trick of perspective to make him look big. But wait… Wow, there’s a boy inside! This […]

I Thought This Was Just Washing Machines In A Van. But Then I Found Out What They Were For. Wow!

Orange Sky homeless mobile laundry

Everyone needs to wash their clothes, even homeless people. And two 20-year-old guys from Brisbane, Australia, set out to do something about that. Meet Lucas and Nic, the founders of Orange Sky Laundry. Two big-hearted guys who came up with an amazing idea. Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi wanted to help people less fortunate than themselves, and also provide an outlet for 18-30 year olds who wanted to help the community but find it hard discovering volunteering opportunities. So they decided to convert a normal old van into a free mobile washing service for the homeless people in the area they live. They did all the work themselves, and have now […]

Turn Your Dog Into A Lovable Skeleton With Non-Toxic Paint

Skeleton dog 10

Every year when Halloween comes around us humans try to outdo each other with the scariest-looking fancy dress. But Bryn Anderson took it a step further and got her dog Nixe in on the act too. Using non-toxic paint, she painted fake bones on Nixe to make her look like a walking skeleton. And the result is just awesome. The best part about it? Nixe, a 13-month old black german shepherd, has no idea how cute she looks. Awwww. Adorable. You can follow Nixe on Facebook. NOTE: If you’re going to have a go at this, make sure you use NON-TOXIC paint. Via brynmarele

If You Thought Your Pumpkin Was Scary…Wait Till You See These

Terrifying pumpkins

Jon Neill is a super-talented sculptor — and his medium really makes him stand out from the crowd. Jon uses his talents to create what must be the world’s most terrifying PUMPKINS. Each one is an incredible work of art. But some of them are so scary they could give you nightmares. Millions of people around the world will be carving out pumpkins this Halloween. But it’s safe to say none of us will come close to making anything as good as the amazing pieces Jon has created…just don’t look at them with the lights out! Pretty amazing…and terrifying! Find out more about Jon Neil at neillartstudios.com. Also check out his […]

Nobody Knew What This Grandpa Was Doing In Secret…What It Was Will Blow You Away

Grandad carvings 1

A grandpa spent hours of his life on his favorite hobby, but the world new nothing about it — until now. It was only revealed when his grandson’s friend decided they needed to be seen by more people and took some pictures to reveal the man’s amazing talent. The hand-made creations took hours to make, and contained such incredible detail you wouldn’t believe. Here are some of the grandpa’s many models, made using just his hands. He made them in all shapes and sizes. All the wooden creations were incredibly accurate representations of different types of vehicles. Hand-crafted to perfection. And the detail was on another level. Even the engines […]

These Awesome Volcano Pictures Will Leave You In Complete Awe Of Nature

People Standing on the Edge of an Erupting Crater

They look like something straight out of The Lord of the Rings — but these volcanos are for real. There’s nothing quite like seeing a volcano to witness the awesome power of nature’s most destructive and creative force. From the slumbering slopes of Mount Etna in Italy to the otherworldly beauty of Popocatepetl in Mexico, these images will amaze you. Scroll down to see these smoking giants showing off their wrath and beauty.

This Looked Like A Simple Clay Pot. But What It Turned Into Dropped My Jaw To The Floor

Dragon pot

Artist Johnson Tsang creates some of the most beautiful and amazing pottery you will ever see. This simple clay pot doesn’t look like anything special to start with, but what he does with it will blow you away. It just looks like any other clay pot. But soon it will be anything but. By using his hands and a few makeshift tools he starts to mold it into something much more incredible. He soon starts to add some detail He then adds a second piece of clay Then he adds some shape to the top layer. And some more detail, as the piece starts to take shape as a whole. […]

At First I Thought This Was Just A Normal Town. Then I Realized What I was Seeing. Whoa!

Home 1

Michael Paul Smith loves mid-20th century America. He loves the old cars and the old vistas. He also loves making models and photography. So he combined the three and what he came up with is one of the most beautiful visual representations of American nostalgia you will ever see. Michael builds exact 1/24th replicas of buildings and landscapes, adds miniature vehicles to create realistic scenes, and then takes a simple point-and-shoot camera. Setting them against real-life backgrounds he creates a miniature world that looks so real you wouldn’t know otherwise unless you saw the behind-the-scenes pics as well. As Michael says on his website, “it’s the oldest trick in the […]

This Guy Managed To Dress Up As Every Single Johnny Depp Character In One Go


This guy managed to dress up as every single Johnny Depp character in one single cosplay. He was spotted at this week’s New York Comic Con, famous for its fans in fancy dress. Captain Jack Sparrow, Hunter S Thomson, Edward Scissorhands, they’re all there. Can you spot the rest? Pretty remarkable don’t you think? I wonder how long it took him to put together… Via molotovsoup/reddit.

Who Needs A 3D Printer When You Have Bees?


These beekepers wanted to see what would happen if they kept bees in a confined space of a shape different from your normal beehive. As you can see the results are extraordinary. Not only do the bees fill the shapes — of a bottle and a bust of a human head — but they do it perfectly. That’s it, I’m getting rid of my new 3d printer and getting some bees. And a protective suit 🙂 Via DtrollMC

This “Four-eyed Nerd” Was Badly Bullied As A Child. What He Went On To Do Is Amazing.

Blowing candles

Life can be hard sometimes. But there is always a way to overcome the odds. Things are never as bad as they seem. This young guy was bullied badly as a child — with other kids calling “four-eyes” because he wore glasses and branding him a nerd. But he embraced his nerdiness, stayed strong, and carried on through life until he found something amazing. Here is his story, in his own words… I started wearing glasses since the age of four. When I was young, I remember being called “four-eyes.” In retrospect, it sounds like a pretty cool thing to be called, like I have a super hero power or […]