This Artist’s Amazing Mini-Worlds Are A Window Into Her Soul

Photo by JeeYoung Lee

South Korean artist JeeYoung Lee creates amazing mini-worlds from her dreams, memory and imagination — building them in a tiny 10 x 19ft (3 x 6 m) room. She then photographs them and presents them to the world exactly as they are, with no photoshop or editing whatsoever. Each picture is exactly how she created the room in real life, and is a tiny glimpse inside her super-creative mind captured in time. Some of the rooms take months to build before they are exactly how she wants them, with incredible attention to detail and complexity. She then places herself in each scene before a photo is taken to capture the idea […]

I Knew Drones Could Take Cool Photos. But Not This Cool. Wow.

Leaning tower of Pisa in Italy by Kolibik-foto

The drone really arrived on the scene during 2014 — with the aerobotic gadgets selling in droves across the world. But one of the most awesome uses for them has been as cameras — opening up a whole new world of photography to amateurs and professionals alike. The website Dronestagram has made it its mission to keep track of the best of what this new medium, launching a competition to find the best drone photographs of 2014. Founder Eric Dupin told the BBC: “It depicts a new vision of the world, so different from images taken by satellite or plane or helicopter, or, on the other end, street view images. It is a […]

30 Breathtakingly Beautiful Pictures Of The World As Birds See It

Marina Bay Dubai

Ever wondered what it would be like looking at the world if you were a bird? Well, the answer is…breathtakingly beautiful. From skyscrapers that look like they’re models to rice fields and waterfalls, this is the world like you’ve never seen it before. So let us take you on a jaw-dropping journey around the planet as seen by our feathered friends. At the end I can promise you’ll be thinking one thing. If only we had wings… Marina Bay, Dubai Amsterdam Athens, Greece Bac Son Valley, Vietnam Barcelona Bern, Switzerland Capetown, South Africa Central Park, NYC Chicago skyline Dubai islands Dubrovnik, Croatia Giza Pyramids Lake in Pomerania, Poland Male, Maldives […]

What This Woman Caught On Camera Is Shocking. But We All Do It.

Hayley Morris Cafiero Wait Watchers

Photographer Hayley Morris-Cafiero has suffered a lot of cruelty and taunts because of her weight. And after being inspired by a photo she took in New York she has begun taking photos of herself that capture people’s reactions to her size. In her photos she doesn’t do anything strange or eye-catching, but just goes about her business as everyone should be allowed to. She then checks the photos to see how people react to her as they pass her in the street. Her project, Wait Watchers, started after she looked at the photo she took in New York and noticed a man standing behind her, who appeared to be smirking at her. […]

New York Bike Style Awesomeness

Bikes are cool…everyone knows that! But sometimes the person behind the handlebars can make them just that bit more awesome. So we can only thank photographer and all-round nice guy Sam Polcer for deciding to do humanity a service by photographing some of the coolest riders in what is probably the coolest city of them all — New York. From tall-bikes to fixies to cruisers, the city that never sleeps has them all. And they’ve never been seen in a better light than in Sam’s amazing New York Bike Style project. Each photo tells its own little story, and we love them all… Quaddafi Quaddafi rides a custom single-speed tall bike. Photographed at Hudson St. and West 13th St., Manhattan going […]