Stunning Mars Rover Selfie


This image by the Curiosity Mars rover is not exactly your typical selfie. It is made up of a bunch of images taken by the rover during January 2015 by the Mars Hand Lens Imager. This (MAHLI) camera is at the end of the robot’s arm. For a sense of scale the rover’s wheels are about 20 inches diameter and 16 inches wide. Check the annotated image below for more information on the surroundings. Also if you really want to see some detail click this very large image, 36mb, at NASA.  

How the Sahara Helps Feed the Amazon (Video)

Sahara to Amazon

This cool video from NASA shows how dust is transferred across the Atlantic to the Amazon rainforest and helps nourish the plants growing there. For the first time scientists have measured the amount of dust and the amount of phosphorus in the dust. The later acts like a fertiliser and helps replenish the phosphorus the rainforest loses each year, around 22,000 tons. Amazing how something we perceive as being desolate like a desert actually has an important role in sustaining somewhere we see as teeming with life. Image and video from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Go Up In Smoke As Rocket Explodes

Antares rocket explodes

Ever seen hundreds of millions of dollars go up in flames? That’s just what happened when the rocket Antares and its cargo spacecraft Cygnus blew up just after launch creating a spectacular sight caught on camera. The Orbital Sciences Corp’s spacecraft was due to deliver several tons of supplies to the International Space Station. But when some issues were detected just seconds into the launch the ground control decided to press the red button and destroy it. Thankfully nobody was injured in the explosion. Listen to the understatement and stating the obvious from these news presenters. This second video shows how big the blast was, taken from a Cessna 177 Cardinal […]