The 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World

Picture of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

No one would say that the life of an actor is an easy one. Long hours, memorizing lines, and paparazzi following your every move must make everyday living tough. However, some actors are paid well for their work…very well! Here we reveal the ten highest paid actors in the world — and some may surprise you. As even if you don’t have as much acting talent as others in your field, as long as you can rake in millions at the box office you’re on to a winner. 10 Mark Wahlberg ($32million in past year) At 43, Wahlberg is a Hollywood moneymaker. From his super-stardom as a teen music idol with Marky […]

How to Save Money

How to save money

Saving money is on the minds of millions of families every day, but many do not know where they can begin, or if it is even possible to tighten the belt any more than they already have. This article will expose the top ten money drains that you may not be aware of and how you can plug them up! 10. Food Yes, we all need to eat, and it is preferred that we all eat well. The problem is that many of us have forgotten what that actually means. In many homes, fresh fruits and veggies are just for decoration, or simply go bad in the fridge while the […]