Bouncing Laser Guided Bomb (Video)


This amazing video shows a laser guided bomb bouncing back up after hitting its target. We actually think this is a non-explosive bomb designed to test guidance systems but it is still pretty remarkable and somewhat scary.

Remember Laser Guns From Sci-Fi Films? They’re A Real Thing Now


A new video released by the Office of Naval Research shows their latest Laser Weapon System (LaWS) being tested aboard the USS Ponse while the ship was in the Persian Gulf. The laser allows for incredibly precise targeting, and in the example include a drone and two tiny points on board smaller vessels. It’s amazing to think that there is no actual bullet being fired, but that the target is still completely destroyed. Naval officers prepare to target a small boat from inside the USS Ponse. They are able to fix the laser gun on the tiniest targets. Here they are aiming at the tiny white dot. And when the moment is right, the laser […]

I Had No Idea A Tank Could Jump So High


This footage shows a Russian T-90 tank being put through its paces. We know lots of tanks can go quite fast but are always impressed with a tank catching some air. Though we do wonder how comfy the crew are on landing. The T-90 is Russia’s 3rd-generation main battle tank.