This Girl Learns The Alphabet To Heavy Metal. The Result Is Just Too Cute.

Girl learns alphabet to heavy metal music

This two-year-old girl could turn out to be in the next generation’s version of Metallica — after learning her ABCs with her dad using heavy metal music. The girl’s dad sits behind her after she gets out of the bath and records her practicing the alphabet as he plays a heavy-metal soundtrack in the background. Every time she gets it wrong she starts again, until she finally does it all the way through. She finally tires of it, saying at the end, “I want mommy”. It’s not Metallica after all, but Metallic-awwwwww…

This Postman Films Every Dog On His Round. The Result Is Adorably Hilarious

Postman films dogs on his round

A postman in Australia has posted a video of all the dogs he meets on his round — some good, and some a little bit more naughty. The postie, who rides a scooter to deliver his letters door to door, knows all the mutts by name — and exactly who’s friendly and who’s not. He filmed the footage using a camera attached to his helmet. It shows how he deals with the various dogs. He even has a stash of doggie treats to hand out to keep the angry ones calm and to make the good ones love him even more. The footage shows him driving on the grass outside […]

The 10 Stupidest Slang Words And Phrases

Stupid slang words and phrases

Slang is an alternative to the use of proper language and grammar. It’s used by people for different reasons. Some use it to be different and unique. Others use it as a form of rebellion against authority or established expectations and norms. One way or the other, slang has a way of working itself into accepted mainstream language. Dictionaries add slang words as they become so commonly used that they are used in everyday conversations. But there are a few slang words that are so completely annoying that we hope they never become completely acceptable. The Top 10 Stupidest Slang Words And Sayings 10 The Cat’s Pajamas This one is […]

This Dog Loves His Toy. What He Does When It Squeaks Is Hilarious.

Dog blue squeaky ball

Walter the dog loves his squeaky toy…but he just can’t figure out where the sound comes from — and what he does when he hears it is the most adorable thing ever. The golden retriever loves running around with the blue ball. But every time he hears it squeak it stops him in his tracks. He then looks around as if to say, ‘Who’s playing a trick on me!’. It keeps happening and he just can’t seem to figure it out, much to the amusement of his owner. You won’t be able to watch this without a smile on your face. Via Walter Santi.

30 Naughty Dogs Who Got In BIG Trouble At Christmas

Christmas dog shaming featured image

Everybody knows that you have to be a good boy or girl if you want to get presents from Santa. But these dogs had more important things to take into consideration than being good, like what does a Christmas tree decoration taste like? Or where can you sneak to do a poop while all your human friends are celebrating New Year? Dogs have a knack of doing naughty things in the most endearing ways, and even when they’re bad we still love them just as much. Why? Because they’re dogs, and dogs are great. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. […]

Top 10 Ways To Kill A Zombie

Top 10 Ways To Kill A Zombie

Warning: The world is on the doorstep of a zombie apocalypse. All it’s going to take is one unknown, scary virus to make its way on to American soil and…whooooa, too close to recent events! Zombies were brought into US culture after Americans started to learn more about the voodoo religion. Today in popular media the ‘undead’ roam the streets in a catatonic state looking for live human brains to feed on after being infected. The only way to kill a zombie is to destroy the zombie’s brains. But what’s the best way to do it??? 10 Firearms Guns are effective, but boring. If you are faced with something as awesome as a […]

What This Tortoise Did To Help Its Upside-down Friend Is Awesome

Tortoise helps upside down friend

This tortoise at a zoo in Taiwan was in a bit of a sticky situation, after ending upside down on its shell with no way to right itself. But its best friend had other ideas — and rushed (well, crawled slowly) to the rescue. Incredibly, the helper tortoise seemed to know exactly what it was doing and wedged itself underneath the upturned animal’s shell. With a few short nudges,  it then managed to turn the stricken tortoise back on its feet. In the background you can hear children cheer with joy when the tortoises triumph over adversity. The person who took the video, AuDi Yu, said he filmed the amazing act […]

Beard Baubles: The Perfect Gift For The Bearded Man In Your Life

Beard Baubles featured

Every year when Christmas comes around the pressure mounts to find the perfect presents for the men in your life — sons, dads, brothers, friends and lovers. This year that problem has been solved as long, that is, as said man has a beard. In beard baubles, top UK advertising agency Grey London has invented the most hipstertasic present in the history of man. The baubles are just like the ones you’d put in your tree, but are instead specially designed to hang in a man’s facial fur. The agency dreamt up the idea when trying to think of an item to distribute with their annual Christmas card. They have since been swamped with orders from around the […]

Hit Christmas Penguin Advert Gets A Horror Makeover


UK department store John Lewis is famed for its lavish Christmas adverts. Last year’s animation with singer Lilly Allen’s haunting voice was a huge hit and this year’s sees a little boy’s imaginary friend Monty The Penguin find love to a tune by John Lennon. However, talented editor Jon Harvey saw another side to it — and has recut the video with sound taken from horror movie The X with hilarious results. Don’t turn out the lights… Here is the original John Lewis Christmas advert… And here it is recut with a horror-movie soundtrack… It’s amazing what a difference some edits and a new soundtrack can make. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to […]

This Paragliding Pug Boldly Goes Where No Pug Has Gone Before

Paragliding pug

When you are born a pug there are some things that, under normal circumstances, you can expect never to do. Climb a mountain, say, or run a long distance race. Or play the lead role in the Bolshoi ballet. Then there is paragliding. Definitely not your ordinary pug activity. But Nano the pug is no ordinary pug. He likes to live life on the edge. He’s not happy with just doing normal pug things — being cuddled, and snuffling loudly through his nose. So when his owners Cristina Armestar and Michael Fernandez decided they’d like to take him paragliding in Lima, Peru, he didn’t put up too much of a fuss. In […]

This Plane Wouldn’t Take Off. So The Passengers Got Out And Pushed.

Put your back into it!

These passengers on a plane in Russia had to do more than just check-in and have a few in-flight drinks. After the plane’s landing gear got stuck in the park position due to the sub-zero temperatures the passengers decided to get out and give the plane a push. Normally temperatures only hit about -30C in the area of Siberia but on this day they plummeted to -52C and the airport tractor was unable to budge the plane. Later reports say that the passengers did this on their own accord, breaking safety rules, and that they would not have contributed to actually moving it that much as it was being towed by the […]

Three Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time. And, Yup, It’s Hilarious

Grandmas smoke marijuana for fast time

You’ve probably always wanted to know what would happen if you gave marijuana to your grandma. Well, you’re about to find out. The Cut Video YouTube channel decided to do just that. They found three grandmas who had never smoked pot before, and had them try it — first through a bong, and then through a vaporiser. They then provided them with snacks to munch on and cards to play, and filmed the results. They are, as you can imagine, extremely entertaining. The film was shot in Washington state, which has recently legalised the recreational use of marijuana. Anyone else think the grandma in the middle was the cutest thing […]

When You Go To China, You REALLY Don’t Know What You’re Eating

Funny chinese food names

The Chinese are notorious for having some bizarre ingredients in their food — but this restaurant in the country has taken things to another level. The owners did their best to translate the menu for hungry English-speaking tourists. But despite their efforts, they haven’t made things much clearer. Some things have definitely been lost in translation — and when they really don’t know what something is, it seems they just call it ‘sweet and sour pork ribs’. Hey, who can blame them — everybody likes sweet and sour pork ribs, right? The question is, if you sat down at this restaurant and were presented with its lip-smacking menu, which one would […]

The Most Cringeworthy Descriptions Of Sex In Fiction

Bad Sex in Fiction

A respected literary magazine has released a list of nominees for its 2014 Bad Sex in Fiction award — and if you’re looking for a smile today, this is where you’ll find it. The London-based Literary Review’s awards aim to “draw attention to poorly written, perfunctory or redundant passages of sexual description in modern fiction, and to discourage them”. Here, in all their glory, are some of the most cringeworthy entries: 1. “I unbuttoned my pants, pushing them down past my hips, and my beast, finally released from its cage, sprang up wildly. I started inching my way back up, continuing to stimulate her manually, until the beast found its way […]

This Guy’s Coworker Asked Him To Watch Her Plant For 4 Days. You Won’t Believe What He Did.

Man watches coworker plant for four days 1

This guy was asked by his coworker to look after her plant for four days while she was away from work. So he decided to take her literally — and kept the plant by his side the entire time. Not only that, he took the plant on the adventure of its life — and he and the philodendron quickly became best buddies.  Not only did they go on numerous walks and get in trouble at work, he also taught the little plant to drive. A real gentleman. Coffee time! Getting to know each other… You know what happens when you have coffee… Time for a trip outside And a bit of […]

This News Anchor Got Jiggy For The Cameras To Taylor Swift. His Co-host REALLY Wasn’t Impressed.

Dancing news anchor 4

News anchor Dan Thorn was obviously feeling pretty upbeat when he decided to get jiggy with it while the cameras were rolling at WVSTN-TV’s 59 News. But while he pulls out ALL the moves to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, his unimpressed co-host Sarah Pisciuneri refuses to play along — looking like she wants to Shake Him Off instead. But Dan doesn’t let her put him off and keeps the moves coming, and coming, and, er, coming… It appears Ms Pisciuneri isn’t a Taylor Swift fan. But surely she’ll be impressed by these moves? Or how about if I do this? Er, maybe not… Ms Pisciuneri doesn’t seem to be a […]

These Might Look Like Dogs But They Are Actually Stealth Ninjas


Border Collie sheep dogs are probably the most intelligent of all dogs. And what better way to exercise your smartness than by playing pranks on your sheepdog pals. These two mischievous friends look like something out of a cartoon as they creep up on another dog, showing off their ninja skills. In full stealth mode they creep through the grass behind another dog without him noticing. I love the anticipation as they move up to him in what looks like slow motion. Wait for 1.35. It brightened my day! Via A Sheepdog Diary

Russians Show How NOT To Rescue A Cat. You Won’t Believe How They Do It.

Russian cat rescue video

Russians have a knack at making more bizarre YouTube videos than the rest of us. It’s nothing to do with they way they film them. It’s just that what happens in Russia seems to be just that bit more bizarre. Take dashcam videos. Russian ones always win hands down, we all know that. So this poor cat was pretty much destined for trouble when some Russians tried to rescue him and someone switched on a camera. You have got to be kidding me. Share this with your friends. It’ll make their day 🙂 Via cadko2000 H/T: fledermausman

It Seems This Little Guy Forgot How To Be A Hamster


This little guy is obviously an outsider in the world of hamsters. Instead of doing what any normal hamster would do and run around inside his wheel he decided to run around the edge. Not only that but he did it while hanging upside down and clinging to the bottom. To be fair, the fact that he’s figured out that endlessly running around inside a wheel deserves respect. Not many of his hamster friends have probably thought of that. Must…keep…on…running…will…get…there…eventually……. Via Ben Bever

This Guy Managed To Dress Up As Every Single Johnny Depp Character In One Go


This guy managed to dress up as every single Johnny Depp character in one single cosplay. He was spotted at this week’s New York Comic Con, famous for its fans in fancy dress. Captain Jack Sparrow, Hunter S Thomson, Edward Scissorhands, they’re all there. Can you spot the rest? Pretty remarkable don’t you think? I wonder how long it took him to put together… Via molotovsoup/reddit.

Family Feud Contestant Was Asked What Part Of Her Husband She’d Change..I Didn’t Expect Her To Say This!

Family Feud 'His Penis' Pic

I’m guessing this Family Feud contestant won’t be getting back in her husband’s good books for a long, long time. When host Steve Harvey presented her with the question: “We asked 100 married women, if you could change one part of your husband’s body, what would it be?”, contestant Joyce hit the buzzer and said: “His penis”. The cameras then immediately cut to a shot of her husband Pete looking, shall we say, decidedly sheepish. Host Steve’s pretty much hit the floor. Unsurprisingly, “his penis” didn’t appear on the list of top eight answers that other women had given to the question. My, oh, my. How I wouldn’t want to […]

Guy Finds $30k Magic: The Gathering Card In Deck..How He Reacts Is Hilarious

Alpha Booster Magic The Gathering Black Lotus

This guy was filming a video for a Magic: The Gathering fansite where he opens an old starter pack from 1993 and shows others what he found. What he wasn’t expecting was that the final card — the one that he turns over last — would be an incredibly rare Black Lotus card worth up to $30,000. When he finds it he can’t hide his excitement…and who could blame him. The rarest cards (the alpha rares) always came at the bottom of the pack, so he flips the deck then goes through the cards one by one until he gets there. A friend who is with him had jokingly predicted […]

No Snow, No Sled, No Huskies…I’m Still Going Dog Sledding!


This dude is not going to put off sledding but the lack of snow, ice, huskies, sled or skis…nope he’s saddled his trusty beasts to an industrial trolley and letting loose. MOOOSH! Check it out while I get my friend’s poodle and my skateboard.

This Is Exactly NOT What A Zombie Would Say


This is some hilariously modified footage from popular zombie TV show The Walking Dead Season 4. Bad Lip Reading Treatment dubbed over some clips from the gory show, with hilarious results… Check it out.

I Know Dogs Are loyal, But This Is Just Unbelievable


Dogs are man’s best friend — everyone knows that, and golden labradors are among the most loyal. But this just takes it to the next level. These four pooches were spotted outside a store in Hong Kong, with the labrador holding on to the leashes of the three other dogs. Who needs humans — or lampposts — when you’ve got dogs like this! No messing around, no being naughty…these dogs are so well behaved it’s just awesome. Source

I thought these female cyclists had forgotton to wear underwear. Then I saw this…WOW


The Colombian women’s cycling team’s new uniform came in for some critism and ridicule this week after the flesh colored outfits were revealed. The design and colors have been noted in certain lighting to draw attention to the cyclist’s nether regions, having a flesh colored strip across the thighs and stomach area. Check out the video and judge for yourself. Would you wear one?