16 Pictures That Will Make You Seriously Question The Laws Of Physics

How did it happen

Sometimes things happen that are just so crazy that you can’t explain them. The world has various laws which just shouldn’t be able to be broken. But there are always moments so bizarre that no matter how much you think about them you just end up scratching your head. Here are 16 photos that when you see them will make you just go, ‘huh!?’. 16This man stuck in a play park 15This car smashed into a roof about 100 miles up 14This truck which defied the laws of gravity 13This car which is just…HOW? 12This one, which obviously has the same powers 11This guy who will make you take a […]

30 Naughty Dogs Who Got In BIG Trouble At Christmas

Christmas dog shaming featured image

Everybody knows that you have to be a good boy or girl if you want to get presents from Santa. But these dogs had more important things to take into consideration than being good, like what does a Christmas tree decoration taste like? Or where can you sneak to do a poop while all your human friends are celebrating New Year? Dogs have a knack of doing naughty things in the most endearing ways, and even when they’re bad we still love them just as much. Why? Because they’re dogs, and dogs are great. 1. www.dogshaming.com 2. www.dogshaming.com 3. www.dogshaming.com 4. www.dogshaming.com 5. www.dogshaming.com 6. www.dogshaming.com 7. www.dogshaming.com 8. www.dogshaming.com 9. www.dogshaming.com 10. www.dogshaming.com 11. www.dogshaming.com […]

This ‘Sexy’ PhD Fancy Dress Outfit Is For Sale On Amazon. Wait Till You Read The Reviews.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 00.21.54

A $38.50 fancy dress outfit on Amazon might sound normal enough. But when it’s advertised with a scantily-clad model and titled ‘Delicious Women’s Phd Darling Sexy Costume’ you have the recipe for uproar. The outfit was branded offensive and belittling to women in some comments. Then real women with PhDs began bombarding the Amazon posting with hilarious tongue-in-cheek reviews. Here are some of the best: Skirt part wasn’t short enough. Top part didn’t make my boobs look any bigger. Profs loved it! Was able to sleep my way through freshman and sophomore years, but then the polyester started getting really itchy. Discovered it was easier to just show up naked to class the last two years […]

The 20 Most Important Dog Pictures Of All Time

As voted for by reddit. 20 The dog who raised an orphaned chimp with her pups 19 The ones of a guy and his new best friend 18 This guy, whose owners got a painting of him as a wedding gift 17 Adopted after being abused, his new owners said: “We’re going to give him the life he deserves, not the one he has gotten.” 16 The dog who decided one morning that it wanted to go to work 15 The puppy born with a mustache, who grew up looking pretty dapper 14 The make-shift puppy feeder 13 The pup who liked the child-sized chairs at the vet 12 Like mother, like son 11 The home adapted for a dog who’s gotten old and […]