This Looks Like A Normal Water Tower. Wait Til You See What’s Inside. Wow.

Water tower house 1

If you were walking along the street and passed this water tower you probably wouldn’t give it a second thought. But if you knew what was inside you would be amazed. The unassuming tower was bought by businessman Patrick Mets who decided to convert it into a dream home. As well as renovating the inside, the owner renovated the exterior to restore it to its former glory and retain the original feel of the building, which was built between 1938 and 1941. The work was carried out by Belgium’s Bham Design Studio, and features a string of innovative ideas to make the most of the space inside. And although it […]

This Tiny House Is The Cosiest, Most Awesome Home Ever

Tiny house The Ufogel Alps

Only hobbits live in small houses, right? Wrong! This amazing home in the Austrian Alps, called The Ufogel, is probably one of the smallest properties you’ve ever seen. But step inside and you’re greeted by an amazing world of spaciousness, comfort and cosiness as you’ve never seen before. The home is made entirely of larch wood, and a gentle wooden aroma flows through the house. Despite looking so small from the outside, it can actually comfortably sleep up to 5 people. The front of the property features an enormous panoramic window with stunning views over the mountains on the other side of the valley in East Tyrol. You feel like you’re outside […]

Some People Said These Ideas Were Crazy. But They’re Totally Amazing.

Genius products 1

Every now and then a product comes along that changes the way we live. Coming up with a totally new idea can be near impossible, but improving on a previous product can sometimes lead to groundbreaking innovation. These 19 improvements to normal, everyday products are pure genius. I want every single one of them. 1) This eco-friendly toilet/sink combo 2) These round electric outlets which mean you can put in your plug from any direction 3) This washable keyboard which beats any kind of spills 4) This USB flash drive which displays all the files inside it 5) Or one that you can tear and share with your friends 6) This […]