Woman Steals TV in Way You Won’t Believe

Handy skill to have!

This enterprising woman was not shy or short on inventive ideas on how to get a TV out of the local store without paying for it. She walks in bold as brass and casually picks up the TV and whips it under her dress….then uses her special thigh grip powers and heads off. The incident took place in the city of Guápiles, Costa Rica, where cameras in the store captured the action…

This Video Will Make You ALWAYS Remember To Check Your Rear-View Mirror


This amazing video shows what can happen when you change lane without checking your mirrors. The driver of the car incredibly didn’t even seem to be aware that there was a massive truck right next to him when he pulled out. After trying to change lanes the car just gets caught in front of the truck and shunted sideways along the highway. It takes more than 100 yards for the HGV and its new front-mounted cargo to finally come to a standstill. The driver was really fortunate to get off so lightly, and hopefully he has learned his lesson as this could have had a far, far worse ending. The car sidles […]

Gas Canister + Volcano =


Ever wondered what would happen if you threw a canister or propane gas into an active volcano? Me neither… However, science is all about experimentation so these plucky dudes did just that. Something certainly happens, I have a feeling they probably said…’we’re gonna need a bigger tank!’

This Is What To Do To Idiots Who Can’t Park

Not so good parking. Image from Liveleaks and copyright Kyle DeMattia.

Finding a parking space is difficult enough without people taking up two spaces. Driver Kyle DeMattia decided to get some pay-back on this Corvette owner who had taken up the two best spaces in the lot by parking across both of them. Kyle parked his large and muddy 4×4 right next to the sports car and filmed the owner’s reaction when he came out. He does not look impressed, but having a fancy car does not make you immune to the rules, right? Kyle later parked his own car properly. Hopefully the Corvette owner learned his lesson… Source: Liveleaks

Most Expensive Watches In The World

Which are the most expensive watches in the world? Most good quality watches are pretty expensive — but what makes a Breitling, an Audemars Piquet or a Baume & Mercier, more sought after than other brands? Often history comes into play, where hundreds of years of watchmaking tradition have produced brand names that cost thousands, even millions of dollars. Another factor is the high quality materials and manufacturing processes used in expensive watches which is far above those used in lesser brands. The top ten most expensive watches include state-of-the-art crafted automatic movement parts, and are built by highly skilled craftsmen with exceptional designs. Here we look at ten of the most expensive watches […]