Most Venomous Spiders In The World

Most venomous spiders

The most venomous spiders in the world are not something you want to come across very often. But their contribution to the world is actually extremely valuable, mainly due to their role as biological control agents, keeping down the populations of things like insects, mice and other vermin. Pretty much anywhere you look on earth, you’ll be able to find spiders — you may not know it but there is always a spider within a few feet of you at any one time. Various species of spider have populated the world since the Devonian Period 380 MILLION years ago — far longer than humans have been around. But despite their benefits, […]

Largest Spider In The World

Largest spider in the world

Anywhere from 3 to 6 per cent of humans suffer from arachnophobia — a fear of spiders. Those that do should stop reading here. While most of the spiders that we come in contact with on a routine basis are small, there are many that are huge. And while you may not suffer from arachnophobia, chances are running into one of them is not something you have any desire to do. Let’s look at ten of the largest spiders in the world — including the largest by weight and the largest by legspan — so you know what you’re facing if you ever stumble across one in a rainforest or […]