30 Naughty Dogs Who Got In BIG Trouble At Christmas

Christmas dog shaming featured image

Everybody knows that you have to be a good boy or girl if you want to get presents from Santa. But these dogs had more important things to take into consideration than being good, like what does a Christmas tree decoration taste like? Or where can you sneak to do a poop while all your human friends are celebrating New Year? Dogs have a knack of doing naughty things in the most endearing ways, and even when they’re bad we still love them just as much. Why? Because they’re dogs, and dogs are great. 1. www.dogshaming.com 2. www.dogshaming.com 3. www.dogshaming.com 4. www.dogshaming.com 5. www.dogshaming.com 6. www.dogshaming.com 7. www.dogshaming.com 8. www.dogshaming.com 9. www.dogshaming.com 10. www.dogshaming.com 11. www.dogshaming.com […]

This Stray Dog Joined An Adventure Racing Team. What Happened Will Warm Your Heart.

Dog Arthur joins adventure race 2

Adventure racing is one of the hardest sports in the world — and the races don’t come any harder than the world championships. But this year’s event in Ecuador wasn’t going to be any normal event for the Swedish Peak Performance-sponsored team. It all started when the captain, Mikael Lindnord, decided to share a meatball with a stray dog who was hanging around their camp before a super-tough 40km trek through the jungle in the latter stages of the six-day race. After setting off with the other groups everything at first seemed normal, but when the groups spread out the team realised they now had a fifth member of their team. The brave […]

A Pet Owner Noticed His Cat Disappear Every Morning. Wait Till You See What He Was Up To.

deer and cat friends 3

A cat owner in Pennsylvania noticed that his cat would go missing every morning, but had no idea what he was up to. One day he decided to follow him, and he was amazed at what he saw. The cat had made the best of friends with a little deer, and they were meeting up for a cuddle every day. The deer would come and visit his house cat friend every day. And they became BFFs pretty quick. The two would cuddle up and play like it was a perfectly normal thing to do. And there’s always time for a bit of joking around. Awwww. They are the best, and cutest, […]

Turn Your Dog Into A Lovable Skeleton With Non-Toxic Paint

Skeleton dog 10

Every year when Halloween comes around us humans try to outdo each other with the scariest-looking fancy dress. But Bryn Anderson took it a step further and got her dog Nixe in on the act too. Using non-toxic paint, she painted fake bones on Nixe to make her look like a walking skeleton. And the result is just awesome. The best part about it? Nixe, a 13-month old black german shepherd, has no idea how cute she looks. Awwww. Adorable. You can follow Nixe on Facebook. NOTE: If you’re going to have a go at this, make sure you use NON-TOXIC paint. Via brynmarele

I Know Dogs Are loyal, But This Is Just Unbelievable


Dogs are man’s best friend — everyone knows that, and golden labradors are among the most loyal. But this just takes it to the next level. These four pooches were spotted outside a store in Hong Kong, with the labrador holding on to the leashes of the three other dogs. Who needs humans — or lampposts — when you’ve got dogs like this! No messing around, no being naughty…these dogs are so well behaved it’s just awesome. Source

The 20 Most Important Dog Pictures Of All Time

As voted for by reddit. 20 The dog who raised an orphaned chimp with her pups 19 The ones of a guy and his new best friend 18 This guy, whose owners got a painting of him as a wedding gift 17 Adopted after being abused, his new owners said: “We’re going to give him the life he deserves, not the one he has gotten.” 16 The dog who decided one morning that it wanted to go to work 15 The puppy born with a mustache, who grew up looking pretty dapper 14 The make-shift puppy feeder 13 The pup who liked the child-sized chairs at the vet 12 Like mother, like son 11 The home adapted for a dog who’s gotten old and […]

The 21 Most Important Cat Pictures Of All Time

As voted for by reddit. If you don’t like these you don’t have a heart. 21 The one of this tiny guy swaddled in a sock (We had to make it 21 just so we could include this one…) 20 The one of a woman who went to look for a pet at a shelter and found her own cat who had been missing over a year 19 The one of a cat who doesn’t like to kill little creatures 18 I am not impressed at all 17 ‘Just go and look’ they said, ‘you don’t have to get one’ they said 16 The one of a 100-year-old grandpa and his 17-year-old friend. Because ‘love is’ […]

Kangaroo Pictures


Some Cool and a Few Amusing Kangaroo Pictures We have added some kangaroo photos from our archives. Kangaroos are marsupials (carrying their young in a pouch after initial birth) and are found in Australia, where they are an unofficial emblem. Males are known as bucks and females as does with the youngsters being called joeys. There are several different species of kangaroo but the red kangaroo is the largest and can weigh 200lb. The most unusual characteristic of kangaroos is their hopping. They have very powerful hind legs and use these together with their large feet to hop or leap, keeping balance using their large tails. This motion is what […]

Whale Pictures


Some Majestic Whale Pictures We added some great images of whales from our archives. Since man first took to the ocean he has been enamoured of the whale. From being bewitched by it’s mournful calls to lusting after the riches of it’s oil and meat. Now many species are endangered and although few countries now hunt the species on the brink they are still in great danger. From the titan-like blue whale to the unicorn inspiring narwhal whales are amazing creatures, that we know surprisingly little about when they head into the deep ocean. We hope you enjoy our images of just a couple of species, be sure to check […]

Lion Pictures


Awesome Lion Photos Since they feature on one of our lists we’ve added some cool lion pics from our archives. These mighty beasts have inspired both a fear and admiration in people since pre-history, many human cultures have reflected this in their art or emblems. Today lions are mainly found in  eastern and southern Africa but in the past they were spread throughout Eurasia. It is thought changes in habitat and human encroachment are the main reason for this reduction in their spread. Lions have no real predators but do compete and clash with animals such as hyenas. Most lions are killed either by humans or other lions. The lion is […]

Snake Pictures

Snake pictures

Here’s some sssssssssensational snake pictures from our vaults. From the the yellow anaconda to the king cobra snakes make some people terrified and others curious. With their associations with the supernatural and religion together with their often venomous bite it is no wonder snakes have fired the imagination of humans for millennia. We hope you enjoy these snake pictures as much as we did… Get wrapped up in these snake pictures… All our snake pictures, unless noted, are licensed from Fotolia. You can check out some snake wallpaper versions in the link and see even more snake pics at National Geographic. If you are interested in deadly animals then you […]

Spider Pictures

Spider pictures

Here’s a selection of spider pictures from our vaults. From the common garden spider to the infamous — and terrifying — black widow. Some spider facts: Spiders all have eight legs and fangs that inject venom. They also spin silk from their abdominal spinnerets, a silk that is incredibly strong. There are over 40,000 species of spider from the tiny to some as big as a plate. Spiders catch their prey in a variety of ways with some spinning webs and other using speed. They all liquidise their prey before devouring it. Delightful. Scroll through these spider pictures if you dare… You can grab the some spider wallpaper over on Wallpaper Overload […]