This Artist’s Amazing Mini-Worlds Are A Window Into Her Soul

Photo by JeeYoung Lee

South Korean artist JeeYoung Lee creates amazing mini-worlds from her dreams, memory and imagination — building them in a tiny 10 x 19ft (3 x 6 m) room. She then photographs them and presents them to the world exactly as they are, with no photoshop or editing whatsoever. Each picture is exactly how she created the room in real life, and is a tiny glimpse inside her super-creative mind captured in time. Some of the rooms take months to build before they are exactly how she wants them, with incredible attention to detail and complexity. She then places herself in each scene before a photo is taken to capture the idea […]

What This Tortoise Did To Help Its Upside-down Friend Is Awesome

Tortoise helps upside down friend

This tortoise at a zoo in Taiwan was in a bit of a sticky situation, after ending upside down on its shell with no way to right itself. But its best friend had other ideas — and rushed (well, crawled slowly) to the rescue. Incredibly, the helper tortoise seemed to know exactly what it was doing and wedged itself underneath the upturned animal’s shell. With a few short nudges,  it then managed to turn the stricken tortoise back on its feet. In the background you can hear children cheer with joy when the tortoises triumph over adversity. The person who took the video, AuDi Yu, said he filmed the amazing act […]

Ever Wondered What Would Happen If You Stepped On Lava?

Put your best foot forward!

Ever thought what would happen if you tried to walk on lava? Well, now we know — thanks to Alex Rivest, a tour guide in Hawaii, who placed his boot on some lava to show how vicious the molten rock really is. When lava exits the vents at the Kilauea volcano it comes out at an incredible 700°C to 1,200°C (1,292°F to 2,192 °F). And when you step on it, breaking the already solidifying surface, the rush of oxygen makes a momentary mini-eruption as the soaring temperatures are fed by the air. The viscous surface then slowly expands again to fill the dent. Another interesting snippet of information about lava is that falling […]

I Knew Drones Could Take Cool Photos. But Not This Cool. Wow.

Leaning tower of Pisa in Italy by Kolibik-foto

The drone really arrived on the scene during 2014 — with the aerobotic gadgets selling in droves across the world. But one of the most awesome uses for them has been as cameras — opening up a whole new world of photography to amateurs and professionals alike. The website Dronestagram has made it its mission to keep track of the best of what this new medium, launching a competition to find the best drone photographs of 2014. Founder Eric Dupin told the BBC: “It depicts a new vision of the world, so different from images taken by satellite or plane or helicopter, or, on the other end, street view images. It is a […]

Think This Is Just A Normal Box? Wait Till You See What’s Inside. Whoa.

01 - 8fiEQev

This looks like any other trunk, or wooden box, lying in the yard. But inside it holds a secret — something you really won’t expect. What’s inside is both functional and beautifully designed. As soon as I saw it, I wanted one — if only just to impress my friends. Scroll down to see this chest reveal its secret. It looks just like a box lying in the yard… Some sort of finely-crafted chest. But inside it holds a secret. Once you open it up, there are lots and lots of slats, precisely arranged. Some of them come out, while some of them are attached to the box. There’s definitely more to […]

30 Breathtakingly Beautiful Pictures Of The World As Birds See It

Marina Bay Dubai

Ever wondered what it would be like looking at the world if you were a bird? Well, the answer is…breathtakingly beautiful. From skyscrapers that look like they’re models to rice fields and waterfalls, this is the world like you’ve never seen it before. So let us take you on a jaw-dropping journey around the planet as seen by our feathered friends. At the end I can promise you’ll be thinking one thing. If only we had wings… Marina Bay, Dubai Amsterdam Athens, Greece Bac Son Valley, Vietnam Barcelona Bern, Switzerland Capetown, South Africa Central Park, NYC Chicago skyline Dubai islands Dubrovnik, Croatia Giza Pyramids Lake in Pomerania, Poland Male, Maldives […]

This Artist Spent 10yrs Carving A Giant Cave Alone With His Dog

Artist carves cave alone with dog 1

What could you do in 10 years? Change careers? Start a family? Move home a few times? Or how about carve a giant cave out of rock? Alone. With just your dog for company. That’s what American artist Ra Paulette has been doing the desert of New Mexico for the past decade. The network of underground sandstone caverns each features a different them with a huge array of patterns across the walls. He did it to build a place that will inspire “spiritual and personal wellbeing”— an incredible place of wonder and imagination. From the outside you’d never know. Via cavediggerdocumentary H/T: reddit

I Thought This Was A Scene From A Horror Movie. Then I Realised It Was Real.

Millions of red crabs head for the sea.

This is the stuff of nightmares for some people, but is an amazingly beautiful natural phenomenon for others. Every year on Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean, 40 million red crabs leave the forests at exactly the same time, heading for the ocean for spawn. The migration is so huge that it literally stops traffic on the tiny 52 square mile island, as the crabs flood across roads trying to get to the sea. In the past many were crushed by vehicles and accidents were common as the crabs’ exoskeletons burst tyres. Today special fences funnel the crabs into tunnels so they can cross the roads safely. A short while after […]

This Tiny House Is The Cosiest, Most Awesome Home Ever

Tiny house The Ufogel Alps

Only hobbits live in small houses, right? Wrong! This amazing home in the Austrian Alps, called The Ufogel, is probably one of the smallest properties you’ve ever seen. But step inside and you’re greeted by an amazing world of spaciousness, comfort and cosiness as you’ve never seen before. The home is made entirely of larch wood, and a gentle wooden aroma flows through the house. Despite looking so small from the outside, it can actually comfortably sleep up to 5 people. The front of the property features an enormous panoramic window with stunning views over the mountains on the other side of the valley in East Tyrol. You feel like you’re outside […]

He Tightrope Walks 500ft Up Between Two Skyscrapers. With NO Safety. And BLINDFOLDED.

500 ft up!

There’s some things that can really make your stomach turn. Walking on a wire between two skyscrapers while 500ft up is one of them. Now imagine doing it with no safety…and BLINDFOLDED. That’s what tightrope walker Nik Wallenda did this week in Chicago. He had no safety net and no harness and couldn’t see. All he had to rely on was feeling the wire on the soles of his feet, and his father telling him how many steps to take through a megaphone. The stunt was broadcast live on TV with a 10-second delay incase it went horribly wrong. Nik also did a wire walk up a steep incline between […]

This Girl Shows What It’s Like To Live With Narcolepsy. And It’s Anything But Funny.

Narolepsy cataplexy dance video Sarah Elizabeth

Brave narcolepsy sufferer Sarah Elizabeth has released a video of herself showing what it is like to suffer from the condition (where you suddenly fall asleep) and another related condition that she also has called cataplexy (where your muscles suddenly become week). Sarah was filming a video of herself giving an instructional dance video when she suffered an episode of both conditions and it was accidentally caught on camera. During the video she also suffers from dizziness, confusion and a ‘mini-sleep’ spell while she is standing up. Sarah said she posted the video up because she had often been asked what it was like to live with narcolepsy, and that […]

Nobody Knew What This Grandpa Was Doing In Secret…What It Was Will Blow You Away

Grandad carvings 1

A grandpa spent hours of his life on his favorite hobby, but the world new nothing about it — until now. It was only revealed when his grandson’s friend decided they needed to be seen by more people and took some pictures to reveal the man’s amazing talent. The hand-made creations took hours to make, and contained such incredible detail you wouldn’t believe. Here are some of the grandpa’s many models, made using just his hands. He made them in all shapes and sizes. All the wooden creations were incredibly accurate representations of different types of vehicles. Hand-crafted to perfection. And the detail was on another level. Even the engines […]

These Awesome Volcano Pictures Will Leave You In Complete Awe Of Nature

People Standing on the Edge of an Erupting Crater

They look like something straight out of The Lord of the Rings — but these volcanos are for real. There’s nothing quite like seeing a volcano to witness the awesome power of nature’s most destructive and creative force. From the slumbering slopes of Mount Etna in Italy to the otherworldly beauty of Popocatepetl in Mexico, these images will amaze you. Scroll down to see these smoking giants showing off their wrath and beauty.

There Is a Smartphone App That Can Solve Algebra Instantly Just By Taking A Picture Of It. Seriously.

Smartphone camera maths app

The days of students having to solve complex algebra in their heads are officially over. A new app called PhotoMath can solve mathematical equations in a split second just by taking a picture of them using a smartphone camera. Cue every single student who hates maths going out and buying this app right this second. RIP maths homework. PhotoMath from MicroBLINK on Vimeo. That is pretty remarkable. Share this story with any friends of yours who struggle with maths. They’ll thank you for it. Via PhotoMath. H/T: mveinot

This Looked Like A Simple Clay Pot. But What It Turned Into Dropped My Jaw To The Floor

Dragon pot

Artist Johnson Tsang creates some of the most beautiful and amazing pottery you will ever see. This simple clay pot doesn’t look like anything special to start with, but what he does with it will blow you away. It just looks like any other clay pot. But soon it will be anything but. By using his hands and a few makeshift tools he starts to mold it into something much more incredible. He soon starts to add some detail He then adds a second piece of clay Then he adds some shape to the top layer. And some more detail, as the piece starts to take shape as a whole. […]

At First I Thought This Was Just A Normal Town. Then I Realized What I was Seeing. Whoa!

Home 1

Michael Paul Smith loves mid-20th century America. He loves the old cars and the old vistas. He also loves making models and photography. So he combined the three and what he came up with is one of the most beautiful visual representations of American nostalgia you will ever see. Michael builds exact 1/24th replicas of buildings and landscapes, adds miniature vehicles to create realistic scenes, and then takes a simple point-and-shoot camera. Setting them against real-life backgrounds he creates a miniature world that looks so real you wouldn’t know otherwise unless you saw the behind-the-scenes pics as well. As Michael says on his website, “it’s the oldest trick in the […]

A Love Letter Was Found On A 450 Year Old Mummified Body. What It Said Blew Me Away.

Love letter

A team of archaeologists were left stunned when they uncovered the mummified remains of a man in Korea — after finding a love letter laid across his chest. The body was that of Eung-tae, a member of Korea’s ancient Goseong Yi clan, and the message was a love letter written by his pregnant wife after he died prematurely at the age of 30 in 1586. Her words, written as her life was being torn apart, show how deep their love was — and how broken was her heart at losing the father of her unborn son. This is the letter, which had laid across the man’s chest for 450 years […]

Who Needs A 3D Printer When You Have Bees?


These beekepers wanted to see what would happen if they kept bees in a confined space of a shape different from your normal beehive. As you can see the results are extraordinary. Not only do the bees fill the shapes — of a bottle and a bust of a human head — but they do it perfectly. That’s it, I’m getting rid of my new 3d printer and getting some bees. And a protective suit 🙂 Via DtrollMC

The Most Electrifying Storm Ever…But Why Is There No Sound? Eerie


This stunning footage of a thunder storm was filmed by Darrin Hiles of Austin, Texas. It looks a crazy bombing campaign is going on or aliens have invaded…but it’s just mother nature showing off. However, Darrin is filming from so far away that he actually can’t hear any of the thunder at all on what is an otherwise quiet night. It adds to a totally eerie experience. Source: Live Leaks I wish I could have seen this in person, though maybe not too close!

This Guy Had 4.5hrs To Spare. So He Started Planking

How long can you plank?

Mao Weidong spends his days fighting crime as part of the Beijing police SWAT team. However, he is also an exceptionally fit dude and can hold a plank for way longer than I can even lie on the floor – 4 hours 26 minutes. Planking involves you lying on your front and holding yourself up with just your elbows, toes and most importantly your abs like a ‘plank’. Next time I have four hours to spare I know what I’m going to do. (Er, and it’s not planking).

Crazy Floating Building Baffles in London


This amazing floating building in London has been baffling tourist and local alike. Designed to fit in with the historic building in London’s Covent Garden the structure is actually a clever illusion by English artist Alex Chinnick, dubbed “Take my Lightning but Don’t steal my Thunder.” Chinnick used a mixture of steel and a type of polystyrene called filcor, it also took over 500 hours to paint. You can check out more of his work on his official site, I think its pretty cool stuff…especially the house frontage slipping off the building.

Watch The Amazing Moment People Power Topples Lenin


This is the incredible moment in Ukraine when protesters furious at Russia’s actions in their country toppled a massive statue of Lenin. You can feel how strong their emotions are about the situation as you watch the video. Imagine being there!

These Pictures Of The Universe Will Boggle Your Mind. Wow.

Carina Nebula dust pillars

Some stunning images of the Carina Nebula is around 10,000 light years from Earth and home to two of the Milky Way’s brightest stars. This distant and hauntingly beautiful region gives birth to many stars. These false color images will take your breath away. Images are licensed from Fotolia, iStock or used with permissions from ESA and NASA.

I Had No Idea A Tank Could Jump So High


This footage shows a Russian T-90 tank being put through its paces. We know lots of tanks can go quite fast but are always impressed with a tank catching some air. Though we do wonder how comfy the crew are on landing. The T-90 is Russia’s 3rd-generation main battle tank.  

The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool. Seriously, How Deep?


You are not going to bang your head off the bottom of this pool if you dive in! In fact most of us probably could not get to the bottom without some scuba gear. The Y-40 Deep Joy (something lost in translation I think!) is 130 feet deep and is the deepest indoor pool on the planet, all at a comfortable 32 degrees Celsius. The pool is in the Hotel Millepini Terme in Montegrotto Terme, Italy, and was constructed for scuba diving training, practice and even photo shoots. It includes viewing panels so that the less brave among us can watch as divers descend. I don’t fancy changing the water though, as […]

This bear ends up on a golf course. What he does is so awesome.

Bear dances on golf course green

If you go down to the woods (or with your woods) today, be sure of a big surprise! You won’t believe what this little guy does when he discovers the flag on a golf course. YouTube user Andi Dzilums couldn’t believe it when he and his golf party hit their balls on to the green at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in western Canada and got some unexpected visitors. Andi then started to film the bears on his phone. What one of them did next blew him away!

This Amazing Flight Over An Active Volcano Will Blow You Away. I Can’t Believe They Got So Close


Some hardy Icelanders made this video and posted it over at Liveleak. They took a flight over an active volcano as it was erupting. The results are some pretty astounding footage. The photos in the video were taken by Haukur Snorrason. To think a few years ago they banned every flight over Europe in case they got a little volcanic ash in the engines… Check out the video below: What do you think, would you take a flight over an erupting volcano?

Fastest Animals In The World


Running scientists have found that man is more adapted, evolutionarily, to running long distances than almost every other animal. Things that help are our lack of hair, our ability to shed water through sweating and the fact we are able to keep from storing heat by breathing and panting. We are also built with springy tendons in our legs, our feet can store energy and release it, our waists are thinner than most animals and our gluteus maximus muscles keep us upright and stable, providing more stability in running long distances. Only a few animals can sustain long-distance running, especially at speeds that human athletes have achieved. Haile Gebrselassie, the […]