This Postman Films Every Dog On His Round. The Result Is Adorably Hilarious

A postman in Australia has posted a video of all the dogs he meets on his round — some good, and some a little bit more naughty. The postie, who rides a scooter to deliver his letters door to door, knows all the mutts by name — and exactly who’s friendly and who’s not. He filmed the footage using a camera attached to his helmet.

It shows how he deals with the various dogs. He even has a stash of doggie treats to hand out to keep the angry ones calm and to make the good ones love him even more. The footage shows him driving on the grass outside homes, but he has since explained that he’s allowed to do that in Australia because it is owned by the council, not the home-owners. As the postie himself says, the video proves that not ALL posties hate dogs 🙂